Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Falling off the wagon.

Well, it was a bit of a tall order wasn't it? 'No yarn for the rest of this year'? Come on people, did anyone really expect me to keep that particular resolution? I was all full of good intentions, but then I went and looked at the Posh Yarn site. Now for those of you who don't know, Posh Yarn do sales once a week and their yarn sells out rather quickly (not talking days, hours or even minutes here, more like seconds!)

I am usually smitten by several of their skeins. I usually have to exert much will power to refuse. But this week, resistance was futile (hmm, good name there Dee...). Even the name of this yarn appealed to me.

So ladies and gentlemen, may I present the latest addition to the Stash Basket. Sylvia (that's 50% merino and 50% silk) in the colour 'Wear A Smile'. A pattern is all lined up and ready, it's lurking on my Ravelry Queue, but I am not going to cast on until March 1st. Now if that isn't incentive to get this February WIP list done, then nothing is!

I don't do 'understated' colours. Me, I like bright, happy, cheerful colours. And these are all of those. I am in luuurve!

Postie was a very good little Postie today. He brought me another present. This lovely necklace - not a great photo, but believe me, it's pretty. From here.

This month's Mystery Blanket squares are now done. I love this cable one - great colour and a really effective cable, but the one above it? It's a nice enough square and was super-quick to knit, but oh my word, what horrible colours. Blue and brown are my 2 worst colours to put together, brown on its own must be about my worst colour, but this brown is really, really horrible. I'm hoping we won't notice the horridness of this square in the whole blanket.

This sequin square is lovely too - I like knitting with sequins - far more fiddly than with beads, but they look so effective. Assuming that the theme is 'Under the sea' then this has got to be fish scales don't you think?

This is how the strip all looks together now. The star fish is growing on me!

And lastly on the progress front, 2 Golden Wedding Blanket squares. Hardly the most exciting of photos, but I just needed Locket to see that progress really is being made.

I will do it Locket - I am determined!


Elizabeth D said...

Nobody could have resisted that beautiful yarn! It's so compelling that I don't think there should be any penalty for falling off the wagon. Fortunately, you've bought it all and I don't have to wander wistfully over to the web site. . .

Anonymous said...

Chocolate is brown - and chocolate is good... Think of that when you see that square. Even if it doenst have much to do with the sea.
I think it looks phantastic... :-)

wonderwoman said...

i think your mystery blanket is going to look brilliant!!


Chris said...

Why I have I never found your blog before?! You must have been hiding from me. Pleased to have found you now
Where are your mystery blanket squares from? I am intrigued.
Hadn't come acrss Posh yarns before either. This could turn into an expensive evening!
Chris x

marit said...

I'm not even looking at the Posh Yarn-site-LOL! I'll just admire your beautiful yarn- and look forward to seeing the progress on Tempest! I've wanted to knit it for some time, but still haven't found yarn for it. And NO- I'm NOT going ovet to that site!!!

trasha said...

No, no Missus Stashbasket. Brown is good! And blue and brown together is delicious! Oh dear, I can see we are fated never to meet.

Kitty said...

I quite like that blue and brown stripey square! x

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

STILL don't believe you! 'specially as you've fallen off the wagon and bought naughty woolly stuff!

Bet you can't prove me wrong!

bet ya!

Locket xxx