Friday, February 5, 2010


Well I have to be honest here. Things are not progressing on the must-finish list quite as quickly as I would have liked. They are certainly progressing though, but just not as speedily as I imagined they would.
This is another of the Mystery blanket squares. Quite like this one. There are beads on it, which haven't shown up, they are a silvery sparkly colour and are really very pretty.

This next square I am remaining on the fence about. The undecided fence. I think I like it, but am not over sure. It's the pink. If it wasn't for the horrid violent pink, I'm sure I'd like it; and the turquoise swirls just don't show up (bet you didn't even see them did you?).

But the next square is another matter altogether. I was brave and cast it straight onto the previous one. Lovely colours and there are sequins on it too. I'm sure I'll finish it off tonight and hopefully cast on the next one too. But the ironing mountain calls. If I don't do some very very soon, we'll all be walking around starkers tomorrow. Not a pretty sight, believe me!


trash said...

I love the starfish one!

wonderwoman said...

me too - its lovely


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I really like the starfish one. The swirls look great! Lucy x