Sunday, February 14, 2010


OK so I know it's Sunday and yet another Saturday Pudding has gone by unnoticed, but here it is anyway. Little chocolate buns with chocolate hearts. We had to have Valentine's Tea early at the Stash Basket - Mr Stressy has been at work all day today, so the 'celebrations' had to take place a day early. I have managed to eat lots of these buns. Looks like the diet is going to pot yet again this week!

On the great Finish It Off February list, things are being ticked off slowly but surely. Here are 2 more blanket squares (have also just finished another one, but no photo)...

And would you just look here? A finished pair of socks! Woo hoo!!!!!

Surely you're starting to believe me now Locket?

What? Not even a little bit?

Please come back another day to see what Mr Stressy bought me for Valentine's day and see the most incredible swap package that arrived last week. I am in still in awe of this package - just you wait until you see it. Mind you, I am also still in awe of my Valentine gift from Mr S. He's quite romantic at times you know! (Don't get too excited, I'm not being whisked away to the Seychelles!)


quinn said...

Pretty socks! I'm always looking for alternatives to ribbed cuffs, and those are very nice.

Two weeks ago I think I actually poisoned myself with sugar. The good news: my diet got a recharge. Nothing like cutting out sweets just before the annual Homage to Chocolate that is Valentines Day...timing is not my strong suit!

And I could never resist something as yummy-looking as those little cakes :)

wonderwoman said...

o those chocolate buns look amazing and so do your blanket squares!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I'm very impressed with how you are getting on - honestly!! (still sceptical tho!)

And I'm intrigued to hear about your romantic Valentine's present!!!

Locket xx

Alison said...

Love the socks, Michaela! Just realised you were in the swap on Posh, you got some lovely gifts there from Saira. I was equally spoilt with the gifts I received too :-)