Thursday, January 31, 2008

And the Winner is...

I don't like to do this to you all, but sorry, there can only be one winner. Many Congratulations to

Nathalie Giauque
I know, I know, I'm gutted too, but well done Nathalie. We're not bitter!
Nathalie was a latecomer, buying her tickets just this week. I shall get Blanket Number 2 all wrapped up and sent very soon - just do me a favour and confirm your address will you please.
Ah well, never mind eh, let's just all hold out for Kay's blanket, which looks a stunner!

Hang on in there...

If you've come along to see if you've won the Blanket, please hang on in there.

You all loved it so much that there has been a huge last minute rush on ticket sales and I'm still busy writing out all the tickets! 200 of them, or thereabouts. Phew!

Later today, I promise...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Spreading the love

Hey would you just look at this - I've got an award! In fact I got it twice, so I'm doubly excited. Thanks to Samantha and Vicious (don't want to use your full name here Vicious Chicken, it sounds too formal!) (and anyway, 'Vicious' has a certain ring to it don't you think?)

Now apparently I have to spread it around. But I'm going to break the rules and only give it away to one person. Kerrie. You deserve it. You have become my good friend since first you took over Hipknits, kind and generous to a fault. You have donated raffle prizes to good causes at my school, and given supplies for us to use there. You helped me do the stash auctions last year (oops, 2 years ago) and have helped so much with the blankets this year (everyone loved their raffle prizes by the way). You are so like me, always wanting to please and sad when things go awry. We both like chocolate cake, rhubarb, ridiculously weak tea and yarn. You must be my English Internet Twin (even though there's years and years between us).

Oh, I've just thought, Clara is my American Internet Twin. Are we therefore triplets?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Blanket Number 2

I had an idea to make blanket number 2 in shades of pink, purple and blue. Because I like pink, purple and blue - and also because I had lots of squares in those shades. But as it turned out, I didn't have quite enough, so Kay came along to my rescue and sent loads of all sorts of colours (so I'm starting number 3 tonight, closely followed by number 4). I am a glutton for punishment me! I also had a great idea to make a pointy border, and good old mum made 50 little triangles - aren't they great?

Now I know that I said I liked Number 1, but oh boy, do I love Number 2. I love the colours. I love the squareness, I love the triangles (oh how I love the triangles - watch out for those on Number 3 - mum has already started knitting!)

So just incase you have called here completely out of the blue and haven't a clue what I'm wittering on about, you can win this blanket. Yes you really can. Don't you just really want it? All you have to do is buy a raffle ticket from Emma, ( pledge the money to Oliver's Fund in the side bar) they are only £1 each. All the money raised will be going to Oliver's fund to help in the purchase of a new wheelchair - any money 'left over' (and wouldn't that be amazing?) will be going to other much needed equipment.

You have until Wednesday!


No, you do not need to buy more tickets, all the tickets from whenever you first bought them are still in my Big Bag Of Raffle Tickets. If you've bought tickets before, you are still in with a chance of winning this blanket. So pleased you all like it! (Number 3 is looking good too - calling this one 'Autumn')

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Picture meme

OK then, Vicious Chicken, I have risen to the challenge and had a go at this picture meme - you answer some questions about yourself, and you type each answer into a Google image search. Then, for each question, you post one of the images from the first page of results.

I have spent far too long doing this and it's now very late. The washing is still not washed. The pots are still not put in the dishwasher. There are 4" squares all over my living room floor. And I need a cup of tea. But here goes anyway...

1) Age you will be on your next birthday:

2) Place you would like to visit:
(Not long now eh Warren!!!)

3) One of your favourite places:
(Happy memories but not been there for years)

4) Your favourite object:
(Can a skein of Posh Yarn truely be called an object?)

5) Your favourite food:
(Is there anything else?)

6) Your favourite animal:
(Love the way they laugh!)

7) Your favourite colour:

8) Name of a past pet:
(Sadly missed)

9) Where you live:
10) First teacher's last name:

11) Your middle name:

12) A bad habit of yours:

13) Your favourite flower:

14) Your favourite holiday:

Jamaican Honeymoon. No contest.

Moya Cerys

Look at this would you - 2 finished objects. How good am I?! OK, so these finished objects are a mere 2" in length, but hey, they're off the needles!

They're for a friend who lives all the way out in Australia - he and his wife had Moya Cerys last Wednesday. I've seen pictures and she is beautiful (and I really hope she has tiny feet, they were wrapped up and I couldn't tell!). However, she is causing concern and worry for her poor family, so please if you have any spare thoughts and Prayers, send them her way and hope for positive results.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Can't think of a title today...

Look at what Postie brought for me! Two balls of Noro for Lizard Ridge, the softest, squishiest scarf and some rather amazing popcorn covered in chocolate. All very, very lovely! Thanks to my Internet twin Clara (aka Working Mom Knits). The scarf is keeping me very snugly, the Noro will be knitted up before long and the popcorn, well, what can I say? It was pretty damn good!

This is the pile of squares (well, rectangles) for Lizzie. This top one is made from oddments of all the leftovers. I'm really pleased with the way it's turned out, it looks like it's a proper one. I've also managed another 'leftover' one which isn't quite as good, but it's going in anyway. I won't show you that one, just see if you can work it out when the whole blanket is done. Which will be quite a while again I think.

Kay Mason Dixon has sent me lots of American squares to go into the next wave of Oliver's Blankets, so work is starting on those in earnest tonight. In fact they're all laid out on my dining room floor now awaiting stitching.

Startitis loomed its ugly head yet again last night. Started on Saartjes booties for a friend who's just had a baby. These are quite the cutest little booties ever - and so quick! Don't suppose you'll count a pair of those as 2 separate finished objects eh Warren?!

Saturday, January 19, 2008


So, how much longer have I got? When is Ally Pally? I have already been over to Posh Yarn, just to window shop you understand. There is some lovely dark red/purple Camel that would go so well with all my other purpley Posh Camel. But I have remained strong. Still not bought any yarn. And Jenny, thanks, but your comment that Socktopus has some of that lovely Somoko has just not helped. Who do you think I am? Mrs Will-of-Iron? I need help here people!

And Warren, you could have offered £10 for every item finished if I don't buy yarn until Ally Pally. You know me too well! Your money is safe!!!!!

Anyway, do you like this cake (she says desperately trying to take her mind off the multitude of yarn shops available on line)? All I was told about for this one was 'providing it's pink, we don't mind'. The photo has made it look like the 't' has bled all over the cake. It hadn't and is now quite annoying me. Wish I'd spotted that at the time.

Going to turn the computer off now. Not going to check out the destashing forums in Ravelry. Not going to hunt out the yarn section of e-bay. Not going to check out Somoko at Socktopus. Going to do some of Lizard Ridge. After all, that was my top priority.

It's now Saturday

OK, so it's now Saturday which means that it's been 3 whole days since I last bought some yarn. I'm doing well aren't I?

OK then Warren, you're on, but no need to save too frantically, you know my legendary yarn buying skills! And of course I'm far too honest to think of cheating!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

When enough is enough....

Youngest son had a friend round for tea tonight so I thought I ought to make the effort and do something for pudding. Little buns with chocolate and maltesers and a new (to me) recipe of shortbread with gooey chocolate rice crispie cake on top. So the diet is going well, Michaela.

Also pictured is the sock using the yarn from Montreal Lise. I just love the way this is going, the way those diagonals stand out so much. It's a great pattern and great yarn.

I have also realised that enough really is enough. I am becoming swamped by knitting projects. Ones that I have started. Some that were started over a year ago, even 2 years ago. Some that I bought the wool for ages ago fully intending to cast on the next day. Some that I even bought last night (Dee you are such a bad influence). Other knitting projects like the Blankets are also in the 'to do' pile. I have scarves, cardigans, jumpers, shawls, oh all sorts of things. Startitis has been very bad lately.

But now I must be strong and get myself out of this hole. I need to concentrate on finishing some things. I gave Lizard Ridge the priority for January and then ignored her. And cast on the Qiviut Moebius and the scarf and the hat and the sock and the hot water bottle cover (never told you about that one did I?) and the other scarf. And January is only 17 days old, and I'm sure I've left a few things out.

I am going on a yarn diet - have lots of lovely stuff that needs using, and strangely enough projects lined up for most of it. There's the camel, the Hipknits silk, the lace weight Posh Bellisima (what the hell did I get that for? It's way too fine for me, but it was soooo pretty) the Wolle Meise mini skeins, all that sock yarn, the mohair... oh blimey, I need a lie down thinking about this.

I reckon that I can hold out until Ally Pally next October don't you think?

No longer will I be tempted by discount codes for Hipknits, or the temptation hurled at me every Sunday from Posh Yarn. I will not hunt down more of this heavenly Fleece Artist sock yarn, nor will I scour e-bay for bargains. I will be strong. I will hold out. I will not cave under the pressure.

Bets please to see how long I can last!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Warm Hands

First of all - note to Marianne - yippee! It worked! You are so clever, thank-you!

I have been very remiss of late and did not show you all my wonderful Fetching Mits. Aren't they just great? Emma (Oliver's mum) made them for me and I just love them, have worn them every single day since I unwrapped them. They have proved particularly useful at school during playtimes - I can have nice warm hands and still peel the oranges! I will definitely be making some of these, I can feel Christmas presents for niece and girly neighbour being planned already! They are so comfy, soft and squishy. Love them, thanks again Emma!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Knitted Cake

Well I know I was being very optimistic last night, but I did manage to make a cake (only the knitted kind this time) and cast on for the Fleece Artist Sock. This cake is from the cover of Warm Fuzzies by Betz White. The name alone is worth buying this book for, but it is full of all sorts of delights inside. I loved it, though not sure about the child's robot tank top. Love the robot. Less keen on the tank top! I now want a whole plate full of little knitted cakes - so quick and easy to do, and oh what a pretty little pin cushion! What think all of you?

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Generosity of Knitters

This is a present sent to me by Lise in Montreal. I've never met Lise and I've never been to Montreal - to get a present from there has been very exciting. I'm not sure why I've deserved such a glorious gift (it came with a label attached saying that it was a present for me) along with lots of 4" squares. I am so lucky, thank-you Lise. It has already been wound into a ball and I'm about to dig out my 2.5mm dpns to cast on a sock - the pattern for which was included with the yarn.

This, of course, has done nothing whatsoever to alleviate the dreadful case of Startitis which I'm suffering. I cast on for a scarf this morning (whilst waiting for the kettle to boil), am just about to cast on a sock and also want to make one of those amazing little cup cakes on the front of Betz White's new book. Tonight. What? You haven't seen that book? It's great - I am now scouring the charity shops desperately seeking pure wool jumpers that aren't machine washable. They are proving very elusive at the moment, but I'm trying.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Forgive the very bad photo, but it's dark and there's no natural light. This is the first cake from the new kitchen. It's heading off to London to a man (known as Taxi Ted) who is retiring. I wonder why he's called that. He's a ship broker.

I seem to have spent all weekend doing this cake, washing and ironing. No time for knitting. But that will all change tomorrow I hope. As a present, I have been sent a skein of something very lovely... but that's another story, you'll have to come back then. For now it's my bed time.

Night night, sleep tight everyone.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Stranded Tipsy

Well here's the hat! The brim is huge but the rest of it is sort of OK - shall I just say that it won't mess my hair up when I wear it! I'm very tempted to thread a bit of elastic round the edge - good suggestion there anonymous and Picperfic. This will be the last lot of knitting going on round here for a while now - the cake orders are starting to come in.

Need to make a London Taxi for next week - I made the cake yesterday, but dropped it on the floor before it even got into the oven. Bother. Or words to that effect! So I was going to make another one, but had to do the ironing instead, so thought I'd do it tonight. And then youngest son brought home a letter - his class are doing a cake stall in school and they need cakes sending in for tomorrow. So it looks like the taxi won't get made until the weekend. Why do I do this to myself? Leave everything to the last minute. Put myself under such pressure. Volunteer for all sorts of things... and then while away a few hours on the computer.

It is no good people. I must go and do some work.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Pink Packages

The thing about Pink Packages is that they are addictive. Much like jaffa cakes. You have one, then you want another and another and another. Pink Packages however are not like jaffa cakes, because they don't cause the waistline (ha! what waistline?) to expand at an alarming rate. True they cause a bigger hole in the bank balance, but when faced with such beauty, who could resist? Not me for sure. I am weak-willed, greedy, smitten. I love Posh Yarn. I love Pink Packages. And truth be told, I quite like jaffa cakes too.

So have you really never heard of a 'boob tube' America? Think yourselves very lucky. They were yet another fashion disaster from the 80's. Best left alone. I only ever owned one - it was bright pink and was part of my costume for a school play (not sure if you'll believe me, but I was a fairy in A Midsummer Night's Dream) Don't ask. Just leave that subject well alone too.

Infact the mere memory of that play has left me feling very unwell. Need a jaffa cake.

Monday, January 7, 2008


Well I thought the maths behind Stranded was actually ok. I measured tension from Tipsy to see my stitch count, did all my multiplying, worked out A, B, C and D as requested by the pattern and set to work. And so here is the hat so far. I've had to change the fair isle bit as the charts given only worked for the designer's number of stitches. But it matches Tipsy now. Not that I would wear them together. It's so soft and would be lovely round my ears on football match days but for one slight problem. It's big. Not just big but very big. I keep on trying it on in the hope that it will get smaller, but it doesn't. If anything it keeps getting bigger.

So do you have any great ideas? Any skinny people out there need a cashmere boob tube?

And don't suggest frogging it. I don't frog. Ever.

And another thing, why knit the first 1.5" in fair isle when the turned-up rib will cover it up?

Friday, January 4, 2008


Laughable really. Talk about extravagant! Can 650g of Posh Yarn Sophia 4-ply really be called leftovers? Well this is what's left after Tipsy - enough to knit another one! And still have even more leftovers! I have been wondering what to make - not going to do another Tipsy - and found a lovely pattern for a hat on this month's Magknits. Stranded. I'm not a hat sort of person really, but hey, why not! It'll keep me warm on those freezing cold playground duty days. Will mess my hair up (never really bothered about that though) but I like the idea of a cashmere woolly hat. Anyone else fancy doing one too? I'll be casting on tonight!

So Startitis has reared her ugly head yet again. So much to me finishing Lizard Ridge as a priority. And the Moebius. And the purple cable cardigan in Posh Emily. And the infernal Scribble Scarf. And the socks, gloves, jackets and jumpers yet to be cast on (that I already have the yarn for). I am determined to knit all of this year's Christmas presents - well, most anyway - just hope I can get my own knitting out of the way first!

Hope you are all being far more strong-willed than me!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year's Knitting

As requested by Fran, here is the Lizard Ridge square made using the pink ball of Noro that you so kindly sent me. Isn't it great?! These colours really jump out at you! I have decided to get Lizard finished as a priority now. Only another 8 'squares' left to go! I need more Noro (oh what a shame I'll have to buy more yarn) but I have very ingeniously made a ball up using all the scraps and leftovers. So that's one less to buy!

Looks like my New Year's Resolution of not buying more yarn has already gone out of the window! Like the diet one as well. Quick, not had chocolate for 10 mins. Need some quickly before I fade away...

Oh and the other piece of knitting on the picture is the Moebius Shawl using the Qiviut. I'm trying very hard to follow the pattern, but me and lace don't go very well together. Not sure if I've got the right number of stitches (think I have, but 359 stitches all joined up together on a twisted circular needle are a bit hard to count)My pattern doesn't look much the one photographed either, but hopefully if I just keep going it will be similar-ish before too long.

I keep meaning to say about the blankets too. I think I now have enough squares to make 2 more blankets (well at least I will have once the spare American ones come over here), so please don't send any more - unless of course you have already knitted some, then by all means send them along. It's been great fun making these blankets and I'm so pleased that you've all joined in too. We have raised over £1,200 so far (please tell me you agree with that amount Emma) and Oliver now has his new wheel chair. Big thank-yous all round!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Tipsy New Year!

So here she is in all her glory - forgive the idiot picture of the person wearing it (I was so excited to be wearing this much cashmere at long last that the silly grin stayed on my face all evening!). Of course, ever the one to offer up compliments, my husband said 'hmm, you need to wear something underneath it'. And that was his only response. Someone tell him will you? He just doesn't understand!

And yes I did get a bit Tipsy in her - celebrating don't you know. Not celebrating the New Year, but the fact that finally I have a finished project!

I have loved knitting this, and as I told Dee, I think it should be in the New Laws Of Knitting that everyone should make one of these. Posh Yarn Sophia 4 ply is quite the very nicest yarn to knit and wear ever in the history of yarn (and I have loads left - really loads!). Is anyone else out there tempted to have a go? It was such a fun thing to knit - go on, experiment with your colours (there were plenty over in the Posh sale, but my stupid computer decided to work only when the sale was all sold out).

I will post another day about my New Year's Resolutions - already broken one of them, but hey, isn't that what they're there for?

Happy New Year one and all.