Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cranford Mitts

Over at p/hop on Ravelry, they're having a KAL for Cranford Mitts. Starting on November 1st - anyone feel like joining in? The pattern is 'free', but they request that you send a donation to MSF in exchange for it. Very nearly £20, 000 has been raised by p/hop. Seems like a win, win situation to me - uses up sock yarn (and heaven knows I have a fair amount of that!), MSF get more funds, I get a Christmas present sorted - if I can bear to part with them!

So go on, who's up for this challenge? Sign up now at p/hop - they'd love to see you there!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Sorry I've been away for ages - life has that nasty habit of getting in the way sometimes doesn't it? I have been very busy 'walking the dog' - strange how I was the one least keen on getting the poor dog, yet it's down to me to look after him. I was warned by all who know my children that the novelty would wear off, but I assured them it wouldn't.

I was wrong. But on the plus side, I am getting fitter than I've been in years and despite eating like a pig, I'm not putting any weight on. Hurrah!

Every day I write my blog when I'm out walking round the fields - I write it in my head, often several times a day. But when I get back home, the ideas and inspiration have all gone.

The Golden Wedding Blanket was given to mum and dad in York. They loved it, I cried. But then I do that a lot! (Such an emotional wreck!)

On the knitting front, I still am so very behind with the mystery blanket - I would like to finish it in half term, but that will mean knitting about 3 squares every day. Ever the optimist..

I have, however, finished Aspen Leaf. All I can say about this is that you really ought to make one. Lovely pattern - quick and simple - apart from the buttonholes which I just didn't understand (but on a side note here, I mentioned to Marianne in an e-mail that they were impossible and she sent me a reply straight away with a video link showing me how to do them - brilliant service). I know I will make this pattern again. I want one in all sorts of colours, all sorts of yarns. Cannot recommend it enough.

I really want to start using some of my delicious sock yarn and have a go at one of the many patterns lurking on my Ravelry Queue. I really want to knit lots of things on my Ravelry Queue actually, with sock yarn or not. I could do with finishing off a few projects too and even making some Christmas presents. Now then, anyone know how to squeeze a few extra hours into the day?

Haven't we had this conversation before once or twice?