Monday, May 31, 2010

Just in time!

Phew! Talk about a rush job and leaving things to the last minute. Here are the Macchia Di Colore socks. I've loved knitting these but wish I'd stuck to the pattern suggestion for the heel and maybe done the same needle size as the pattern says, but hey, I'm not one to be dictated to! These will be perfect socks for cold winter days when dog walking!

The June pattern for the Moogsmum and Stashbasket Sock Club is this one - Rhodie Gus - we both liked the look of this one and I know for sure that Moogsmum is desperate to cast hers on. For me, although longing to start (look what yarn I've chosen) I am forcing myself to concentrate on the Mystery Blanket.
I am still labouring on the April squares, not started any May ones let alone June. So I am hopelessly behind. Not for much longer though, I am determined to get them done before casting on the next sock. Bets taken as to how long I'll hold out!

I have also bought new yarn (Sublime) from the Kemps destash ready for a lovely little summery bolero. That will be so quick to do! Not to mention the fabulous Posh yarn from last week and of course the million and one other projects. A friend recently suggested I try for another Finish It Off February!

The June supply from the Posh Cashmere club has arrived and it's gorgeous. Called Bluebell Wood it is exactly the colour of bluebells (surprisingly!) Sadly it's 2-ply and you know how I don't do yarn that fine, so I've volunteered to swap it with another Poshee for some extremely gorgeous Martha. Have you ever knitted with Martha? It's really rather wonderful...

We have my mother in law here for the half term break, so blogging may or may not happen. Just like normal really. Sorry I'm a bit slow on the old bloggy business lately. Must try harder. Maybe next time I can show you real progress on the blanket. Maybe.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Headless chickens

Mum and dad popped over to see me today and they were chatting about their upcoming Golden Wedding. Am now feeling guilty that the blanket is neglected. Must finish it (am so close, only 3 squares left to knit and 81 to sew together and a border to knit... mmm, yes, really close to finishing...)

Still miles behind with the mystery blanket.

Still not turned the heel on the macchia sock.

Still not made any of the huge cakes or started any of the decorations.

Still not put finishing touches to a school project to be completed by Thursday.

Why am I so rubbish at finishing things?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Running fast but keeping still

I've hardly had time to do anything over the past 10 days. Harvey has come to the right house - he is a lunatic. Charging round like a thing possessed. I have spent much of the past week or so clearing up puddles and little deposits. Fortunately the weather has been lovely so he's able to trot outside whenever he wants. Despite the many toys he has, an empty cardboard box is his favourite thing. Mr Stressy is less than happy about this - chewed up bits of cardboard round the garden are not his idea of fun!

Needless to say, the knitting has suffered terribly. Barely a stitch has been done. I am very behind on the mystery blanket - still not completed April's squares, let alone begun May's and oh my goodness, it's nearly June, so the next package will be arriving probably by next weekend.

As to the Macchia sock, I haven't even turned the heel on the second one. June sees 2 wedding cakes (why are the biggest cakes always sponge and therefore need decorating at the very last minute?) and a big retirement cake. Oh yes, and my mother-in-law is visiting for a week over half term. Something has got to give.

I feel the mystery blanket will be put on hold again. The sock must be finished as I'm desperate to begin the fabulous June pattern.

Just to convince myself that sock knitting is the best thing ever (yeah, like I needed convincing) I treated myself to some more Posh yarn. Well be honest, faced with these, wouldn't you have caved in? They are actually both the same colourway (Good Vibrations) but look totally different.

Neither of these will suit June's pattern though, so they will have to remain un-knitted for sometime yet.

My apologies for not replying to your comments - I do try to, but if I let myself on the computer, I end up on Ravelry and we all know what a huge time warp that is. So I am trying to be strong and not turning the machine on. (oops, it appears to be on now, so maybe I'll head on over there just to see what's happening...)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Well, here he is then, meet the latest member of the Stash Basket household. Harvey has arrived and oh blimey do we know it! Do not be deceived by this very innocent little face, but look closely at his paws. They love to dig. The mouth loves to chew. The body likes to lie in all the pretty flowers. The backside... well, we won't go into that just now!

But we are all totally smitten. He is gorgeous. Hard work and full of beans. Charges round like a loony, growling at his squeaky toy and tugging at his cuddly toys. He eats and drinks like there's no tomorrow.

This is the only time when I am able to get anything done round the house (like ironing, making tea and hoovering - knitting has been completely forgotten about - oh yes, he likes nibbling balls of wool too!)Oh and if anyone lives nearby, please send more newspaper - we are going through quite a lot!

Blogging will be very sporadic for the next while. This is worse than having a toddler. (At least you can stick a nappy on them!)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

David's socks

Just head over to Ravelry will you and look at these socks. Look at them, admire them and then read the story behind them. How could you not smile?


Rushed home from school, hassled boys into cleaning teeth, rush, rush, rush. Dentist at 4.20. Grr, why are all the traffic lights set to red when you're in a rush. Only one parking space available which involved some parallel parking - miraculously managed this at only 6 attempts. Got into dentist at 4.19, relaxed in the knowledge that we were on time and therefore going to earn loads of brownie points.

'Hello, Stashbasket family here for our 4.20 appointment.'

'You're a day late Mrs Stashbasket, you should have been here at 4.20 on Wednesday.'

'Er, are you sure? It says Thursday on my calendar.'

'Yes, quite sure, the dentist was rather cross because you had a 40 minute appointment.'

'40 minutes? For a check up? What on earth does he do?'

I shall find out at the end of July which is the next available appointment.

(1 hour later, I've just been to vote and have inadvertantly taken Mr Stressy's voting card. Think I ought to go to bed for the rest of the day and hope that tomorrow will be better!)

(2 hours later, they say things always happen in 3's don't they, so I really shouldn't be surprised. Our car, which has been in the garage for the last 3 weeks being repaired has just broken down. We only got it back yesterday.)

I have a cake to decorate tonight. Am slightly nervous about doing it now.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend away

It was Mr Stressy's birthday yesterday and we went away for the weekend. We stayed with some friends in their very posh house. I tell you, it was straight out of the pages of a Homes and Country magazine - fabulous decor, no clutter, big comfy sofas... oh it was bliss. This top picture is the view from their kitchen. We had a lovely time (ate soooo much!) - it was such a break from children and noise and arguments and squabbling and fighting and everything else bad. My parents came to look after the boys - and also happened to do some decorating whilst we were away as a surprise. Perfect!

We went to Twickenham to watch the Army vs Navy Rugby match. The Army have not lost in years and years so we went with high hopes. Sadly they lost, but to be honest, the score was incidental. It was like a great big party - in many cases a Fancy Dress Party!

These dashing young men were apparently In The Navy. There were plenty of other fancy dressers too - Wonder Woman was there (complete with hairy chest) as were Batman and Robin, several nicely dressed young lady sailors (again complete with hairy chests!) And even one or two people with absolutely nothing on at all. Towards the end of the second half, there were so many pitch invasions by streakers in varying stages of undress that the game had to be stopped for a while!

If you have never been to this particular match, I can thoroughly reccommend it. Such good natured supporters, I didn't hear one single swear word. Everyone was having a great time, I really didn't want to come home. But home I did come.

A fair bit of knitting was completed - look what I finished! It's a bit big round the heel flap and gusset section, but they'll be great boot socks for the winter. Very long and cosy.

It is with great sadness that I have a very serious demise to report. The Stash Basket has died. It is deceased. No more. Dead. It has been eaten alive. I passed by it this morning and wondered what all the very fine dust was round the base of it. We had had nothing plastered lately, yet there was all this fine plaster type dust. So I got on my hands and knees and looked closely. It was riddled with holes. Yikes, OMG and flipping heck. We have got woodworm. I do not want to make light of this as it is obviously very serious. I have found quite a few adult beatles on the windows and they are now squashed and killed dead adult beatles. The hoover has gone into overdrive. (Do these little monsters eat yarn?)

But what next? Anybody know? I have checked all the other wooden things in the house and everything seems OK. The stash basket was housed in the dining room - where we have table, chairs, 2 bookcases and 2 china storage cupboards. All made of wood.