Monday, April 18, 2011

More progress...

We've just been away to Welsh Wales for a few days - which apart from the beautiful scenery, means plenty of knitting time for me. Turns out though that I haven't really got much to show you. I managed to get a few more inches of Carica done (congratulations to anyone who can remember that far back!). I seem to have slipped up with this though. I started it exactly as the pattern said, but it was huge - bigger than huge infact. It would have fitted a baby elephant. So very sensibly I decided to go down a size and drop a needle size. On reflection it seems that one or the other would have been a more sensible option. Still, it will be good when I lose weight... and shrink a bit height wise too!

Here is my latest dog-walking sock. Despite the absence of the dog on holiday (he stayed at home with my mum and dad). It's the first of Snape's Stockings, designed by the same person who did Hermione's Everyday Sock. I was hoping to love it as much as Hermione's. I do not. I'm not terribly keen on the yarn either (when will I ever learn to just stick with Posh?) it's Tosh Sock and actually feels a bit nylony even though it's pure merino. Very loosely plied too so ends up being a bit splitty. Still, never mind, it's keeping me entertained while I'm out with the hound.

But here is another sock, another story altogether. Tug boat socks. It's mostly Posh with little bits of an unknown alpaca in. I love this sock. I love everything about this sock. The fish, the waves, the boat, the red bit at the top, and the heel... oh the heel! This is my most favourite heel ever in the history of heels! And even though I only cast it off a couple of days ago, I have already started on number 2. Something of a record for me! No second sock syndrome here. Love it loads (thank-you so much Trashy for pointing me in the right direction for this one!)

My queue on ravelry is gettting a bit long once again - I have 46 pairs of socks on it that I really want to do! So I'd better get on and do a spot of knitting don't you think?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Progress and pudding

Progress on the tug boat socks has been slow, but oh my goodness, I am so loving these socks. Look at that heel - I love that heel so much! I want to do all my heels like that from now on. I won't because it took ages, but I'd like to!

The second Dog-Walking Hermione sock was finished. I will go back to that pattern time and again. It was a delight to knit - so easy and so effective. Anyone else done one? I have started on a second pattern by the same designer - Erica Leuder - Snape's Stockings in an incredibly acidic green Tosh Sock. I'm only on the rib so far and while the yarn is OK, it hasn't had the same impact that Posh Martha has. Love Posh Martha. Really really love her. Though not in a lesbian kind of way (wasn't it Bridget Jones who said that?) (one of my literary heroines!)

Here was the Mother's Day pudding. Chocolate mousse cake heavily laced with Baileys and decorated with Cadbury's Caramel button things, white chocolate and strawberries just to be healthy! Yum, yum and yum again! Would you like some? Well sorry, but you're too late. We ate it all!