Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Following some very good advice, I decided to join Trashy in making a list of things that I really want to get made this year. So I thought it would be a good idea to start with my Ravelry queue.

Hmmm. That seems to have grown over the last few days (weeks?) and is now taking up 2 pages. I have 45 things queued. I decided to look at it again and really think hard about that list. What could I do without? Surely I don't need that many socks and gloves and cardigans and scarves and hats? So I had another look and have reduced the list. By one. OK, so that's do-able surely? 44 items to finish in a year? Easy. (I am joking here, I am a very slow knitter!)

And then on my 'Must Do' list I thought about finishing some of the partner-less socks. And then maybe adding a few UFO's - 2 blankets for starters.

So all in all Trashy, I'm very sorry, but I have failed at the first post. I have waaay too much stuff that has to go on my list. Think I'll go and cast on something completely different instead.

How about a gag to tie round my eldest sons mouth? That way he could leave his younger brother to go on the PlayStation in peace!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Cakes and Socks and Skipping

Many apologies for that long absence. I was busy. Yeah, yeah, yeah, aren't we all. Last week I had 2 cakes to decorate...

...some scones to bake (these were just straight out of the oven - anyone fancy one, hot, with butter, jam or cream?)

...and most importantly, a sock to finish!

Now this photo just does not do it justice. It is a very lovely sock and needs to be photographed outside in the sunshine. But it's been raining for so long now - well, it just seems that way - that I feel the sun has decided to clear off until April.

I love the heel on this sock, it is my favourite part of the whole thing.

One day, I might even make a partner for it! In the meantime, I have found another single sock and its half done twin, so have picked that up again. But I have now discovered a flaw with the Startitis Sock Club. When you knit one sock and make adjustments and alterations and don't change needle size when you're supposed to, and don't write down the afore-mentioned changes, then the second sock is never going to be a true partner. More a distant cousin rather than an identical twin! Still, never mind eh, life would be dull if everything was the same!

Last week I bought myself a skipping rope. Not just any old skipping rope I hasten to add. No, this one has a digital read-out to tell you how many calories you've burned off whilst skipping. I thought this sounded like a very good idea. Skip, burn up 50 or so calories, eat chocolate digestive. Perfect!

So out I went to skip. I skipped and skipped and skipped. I even broke out in a sweat, got red in the face and was very puffed out. But I felt all would be fine, I had done so well that maybe I had used up enough calories to have 2 biscuits.

But you know what it said? In great big numbers?
Er, excuse me? Is this wretched thing not working right or do you really have to nearly kill yourself to enjoy a guilt free biscuit? I'm sure I can burn calories faster by knitting, much nicer way to do it as well.

Stupid sodding skipping rope. The charity shop beckons.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


With all the blanket knitting going on around here, all the Christmas knitting of the previous 2 months, all the other attempts at finishing off a few projects, I have sorely neglected my sock knitting. This is not on. I have loved wearing my hand-knit socks during this cold weather, so much so, that one pair has completely worn through. I am devastated as they were the first ones I made for me. They are now rather draughty bed socks!

Anyway, I looked at my stash of sock yarn and fell in love all over again. I felt the desperate urge to knit socks. So, ladies and gentlemen, I hereby re-open the Startitis Sock Club.

I started this one last weekend. It is testament to the wonderful pattern that I have already cast it off. What a lovely thing to knit. But helped along in no uncertain terms by the wonderful yarn. Retro Rib Sock in Posh Yarn Daisy. Even Mr Stressy likes this one! The photo doesn't do the pattern - or yarn - justice. So very pretty. And so very lonely.

The whole idea of the Startitis Sock Club is that 's it's much more fun to cast on one sock and then do a different pattern.

Eventually I will end up with a pair. But not just yet. Because I came across this pattern. And fell instantly in love. Why is this only in 4 Ravelry project pages and only 72 queues? It's wonderful. Come on everyone, rectify this problem. The world needs feet that are wrapped in silliness.

Spread the word. We need fishy feet! (Hmm, matching gloves to make fishy fingers? I sense another project on the cards!)

But who knows when I'll get the second fishy sock - or indeed glove - done. Because more sock yarn has appeared. Before you shout at me breaking my 'no yarn' resolution, fear not, this was a swap organised before Christmas with WMK Clara. The pink one is too pretty for socks, too girly, but oh my word, that green skein. I think it may well become a Brainless pair. Or Circles.

Meantime, I must get on with the blankets.

And the ironing.

And the cakes that must be decorated.

And the hoovering.

And the cooking.

Oh stuff the lot of it, I'm off to knit some more goldfish.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year's Resolution

Well, there are actually resolutions. I've not discussed them with you yet, but they are pretty much the same as every year.

First up, I will not buy any more yarn this year. Yes, I know, my mum laughed at that one too. But I am serious. I have some very gorgeous yarn in the Stash Basket and I really want to use it. How long do you think I can last?! I'm taking bets!!!

Secondly, I will finish more projects than I cast on this year. So far I have cast on for the mystery blanket and a pair of socks. I have cast on and finished the mittens from last time. But still in the WIP pile, I have Soho, zig zag anklets, golden wedding blanket, carica, quiviut cowl, little Rowan number, and several other things whose names escape me right now. My ravelry queue grows longer by the day, the pile of books that I need to make things from also grows and a few old favourites are begging to be made again - baktus being top of the pile.

Thirdly I will make more socks, which ties in very nicely with one and two. This cold weather has made me realise that hand-knitted socks are not just a luxury, they are a necessity.

And of course, number four on the resolution list, I will lose more weight and keep it off. Blaming the cold weather again, all I want to do is eat chocolate at the moment. I am having a very special friendship with a box of Cadbury's fingers lately. This brief affair will soon be ended though, as I have eaten most of them.

I am sticking with just 4 resolutions this year. All very do-able don't you think?

Yes, yes, I know ROFLMAO, as someone so succinctly put it once upon a time!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Not quite what we had in mind

Well we were promised snow today. Eldest son was expecting a day off school. Youngest son and myself were expecting a day of little work and loads of snowball fights (our school never closes). But you know what we got? Nothing more than a sprinkling , not enough to cover the pavements even. So it was school as normal. Bother.

I have had reports that the Bloggy Raffle prizes are starting to reach their destinations. Goody! I have cast on with my prize - the Rowan Colourscape - making these fingerless mits. I managed to finish one last night and did this much of the second this morning (woke up early, couldn't sleep, felt it was much more productive to knit rather than trying to get back to sleep).

I have worn the completed one today and I have to say it is very warm. Great yarn too! I will have plenty left so may have to do the ribbing of a hat and complete the top of it in another yarn.

Unfortunately this mitten knitting means that the Mystery Blanket is on hold for a few days. And I blame it entirely on the fact that I'm knitting a horrid lacy square in a horrid colour with horrid yarn. Hoping that there won't be too many of these squares - although I suspect I'll have to do at least another 3.

Oh yes and confession time. It was weigh day today. I have put on 3.5 pounds. Ratbags, bum and arse.

Still, I did enjoy all the mince pies, chocolates, sweets, bread, cheese, cakes and trifle. So really, 3.5 lbs is not too bad considering! I am very cross with myself though and am back on the straight and narrow once more. Just off to empty the fridge of all the remaining badness. The birds will be really looking forward to breakfast tomorrow!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Mystery Blanket 2010

The new installment for the mystery blanket has arrived and it's about as different to last years as you could get. Last years was all about rich colours, cotton yarn and symmetrical designs. It would seem that 2010 has brought a return to pictures and much softer colours - we are also knitting with merino wool, silk/wool and cashcotton.

I am going to reserve judgement. It is very early days but I'm not sure if I'm going to like it yet. My 2 worst colours together are blue and brown, so this first square hasn't quite reached the spot. In fact it's about a million miles from the spot! The second one, which I have just cast on, is coral pink with pale pink beads - again, not my colours - and horror of horrors, is lacy. Hate knitting lace. Hate it.

So I shall hang fire with my opinions for the time being. But truth be told, I didn't like last years until about half way through, and only loved it when it was completed.

(The bloggy diet raffle prizes are in the post - except Kathryn's, Quinn's and Mama's - I need addresses please for these last 2.)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

One Extra Prize

You may or may not know about one of our Dieters. Kathryn pledged to join the Bloggy Diet Raffle, duly sent her prize, lost a pound then found out she was pregnant. So she hasn't lost anything else. I felt really bad about this, feeling it was so unfair to not stand much of a chance to win one of the prizes.

True enough, the weight loss in March will be pretty spectacular (do keep us informed) but until then, the scales just keep going up.

So here is one extra prize from the Bloggy Raffle. It has come out much smaller than I thought, so maybe have Flump in February rather than March Kathryn?

The pattern is Phazelia's Mitered baby Jacket and is a lovely thing to knit - so clever. And just so cute - I have loved knitting this! But sorry, I can't send it, mum wants to see it before I post it. But if you need it within the next couple of weeks, just let me know!

Warren - will this do instead of a wooden spoon, or would you rather have something to stir the chutney with?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Results of the Bloggy Diet Raffle

So well done to everyone who has tried so hard to lose weight. We are all ignoring the fact that the last few days has brought nothing except expanding waist lines. No, we are celebrating the whole previous weight loss. Well done us!

Now then, I have drawn the raffle tonight. I was very strong and I promise you, I did not cheat. If I had cheated, I would have won it all! I pulled my own name out twice, so drew it again for one of the prizes, I felt it was not fair for me to win two lots of goodies.

If you need reminding of the prizes, they are all pictured here

So without further ado, the winners are:-

Fibre Spates Blue faced Leicester - Dotty Cookie

Nimu and Thistleknits yarn - Lucy Locket Pocket

Rowan Colourscape - Stash basket

Posh and felt studio yarn - Moogsmum

Sock Yarn and beads - Lucy Locket Pocket

Knit Picks baby cardi kit - Rachel

First fabric bundle - WMK

Second fabric bundle (the one with the red hippo fabric) - Moogsmum

Needle case and knitting needles - Quinn

Please would all of you let me know your addresses and I'll get the prizes parcelled up and sent off. I'm really sorry to those of you who haven't won, but honestly, I was being good and didn't cheat.

Hope you all have a very happy New Year and that it holds all that you could wish for.