Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I just knew...

... that I'd be rubbish at this blogging thing. The will is there but the ability to do it isn't. I spend waaay too much time playing on Ravelry, deciding what to make and what I would like to do with my rather copious supply of yarn.

I've made some fingerless mitts - Susies Reading mitts - if you haven't ever made a pair, I cannot reccommend them highly enough. Brilliant pattern. They are for a friend of mum's - she doesn't know how honoured she is - Posh Yarn's Martha is not given out willy nilly!!!

I have entered the Posh Sock Challenge - the aim is to knit a pair of Posh socks for every day of the week - we have 52 days to knit each pair. My first ones (ie Monday's socks) are the Edwardian Boating Socks. Love these. Really love them. Martha yet again, in a colourway that I did feel should have been re-named Multiple Orgasm. Yes, it really is that good girls!

And another free pattern from Ravelry - little mittens make very lovely cards for New Babies - I went to deliver this card today to Lola Ann - she is tiny, only 5lb 5oz. It never ceases to amaze me how perfect babies are - the miracle of life is just that don't you think? How 2 little cells can multiply in only 9 months to form eyes and ears, fingers and toes, hair and all the other stuff inside. Mind blowing!