Thursday, December 22, 2011

No more doom and gloom

So yesterday was the shortest day. Yippeeeee!!! The nights are getting shorter and the days longer. Summer is on its way people. And it isn't even Christmas. See, I told you I was optimistic!

Progress on the Hexipuff blanket is slow, very, very slow. Other knitting, not to mention life, has been getting in the way. I am still aiming for 40 hexis a month, but December will be a tall order. This is what it looks like at the moment - 186 in total. Unsure about how many left, but I'm thinking probably about 400ish.

Have you been watching Strictly Come dancing? Now I don't normally like the programme myself, but this year has been different. Over at the Posh Forum on Ravelry, there was a Strictly sweepstake -I joined in, unable to refuse the temptation of a little gamble. Well, I drew Harry and Aliona. That was very good news. They won, which means that everyone else in the sweepstake has to send me a skein of Posh yarn, or a voucher to the value of a skein. Christmas has come early for me this year - the yarn is trickling in through my post box and my Posh Bank has credit in it, ready for when the shop next opens on January 1st. All very exciting!

I have joined in the Posh Sock Challenge too. Knit a pair of socks every 52 days, so by the end of 2012 I will have 7 pairs of Posh Socks. In theory. Being a slow-knitter, this really is a challenge - but at least I now have lots of delicious sock yarn to choose from thanks to my mate Harry.

I will try and post again before Christmas, but if I fail miserably at yet another target, I wish you all a very Happy and Peaceful Christmas and all health and well-being for 2012.

New Year's Resolutions anyone? I might suggest something like ' control Startitis, finish wip's and stop buying yarn'. Yeah right. The same as it's been for the past however many years. I can usually manage until January 2nd. But doubt I'll even get that far this time!


Monday, December 12, 2011

Letting go

Over the past, oh I don't know, my eldest son has been a major cause of worry in my life. He is studying for a Diploma in Uniformed Services - a course which gears young people up to a career in one of the public or armed forces.

This picture was taken today at 7am. He was going off on a Survival Course somewhere (location was kept a secret just in case anxious parents travelled to rescue them I suppose!). He was not allowed a tent - 'no mum, you have to survive - make your own shelter'. My son cannot (will not?) even make his own bed, how on earth is he going to provide shelter for himself?

As I sit and write this, we are being lashed by the worst weather this country has seen for 30 years apparently. Terrible gales and rain. He will not be able to light a fire - no hot food or drink for him for the next 3 days. He will be cold and wet and freezing. Oh I am so worried - problems aside, he is my son and I love him.

This morning he sent me a text - before his mobile had to be handed in - saying simply 'It's going to be awesome, I can't wait'.

It's very difficult being a parent. It's even more difficult realising that your children no longer rely on you, no longer need you. My role in life has changed.

Hurry home son, I miss you!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Looking on the Bright Side

I have had a really lousy week. It has been The Week From Hell. I will not go into all the details.

On Wednesday morning while I was out with Harvey, the sunrise was so beautiful, it took my breath away. Harvey was particularly bright eyed and bouncy and for once he stayed fairly close to me and did not run away chasing rabbits or foxes.

When I went to school, all the children were being lovely. My teacher, knowing I was not feeling great was so supportive and kind. She gave me things to do which she knows I love. The children made me laugh, they rehearsed their pantomime and tried really hard.

A friend brought me round a lovely bouquet of flowers, which of course made me cry.

I am not one to wallow in self-pity, neither am I one to suffer with depression, thank God. So I started thinking. Maybe my week hasn't really been so bad after all. Yes some pretty horrible things have happened, but so have lots of good things. I have a nice home. I have food to put on my plate. I have warm, clean clothes to wear. I have people who I love and who love me back. I have a crazy loyal dog whose only aim in life is to play ball. I am one of the lucky ones.

I remember reading once 'All things will pass'. They will. Life goes on. I will try hard to be the optimistic person I usually am.

I will get up at 6am on a Sunday to do the ironing and think 'yey, it's cheap electricity, good old me!'. I will walk the dog in the wind and rain and think 'yey, my wellies and hand-knitted socks are keeping me warm'. I will eat the last Crunchie that's in the cupboard, rather than munching on Bran Flakes for breakfast and think 'yey, I'm not going to wait until Friday to eat a crunchie'

In amongst this week of optimism, I have made a cake. Want to see it?

Happy Birthday Shannon.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Return of Saturday Pudding!

Well I have to say, I was thrilled by the response! I didn't realise any of you would still be interested in hearing about my mundane life. So thank-you all, I was smiling all day!

Well, what's been happening lately? Um, not a lot really. Well, not a lot that you would want to hear about. My life lately has revolved around the joys of having a 17 yr old son. It can be summed up in one word. Scary. No, 2 words. Bloody scary. If you have had a 17 yr old son, I'm sure you will understand.

I have of course been knitting like crazy - onto hexipuff number 153 now. I'm also making Fingerless mittens for Christmas presents, have a shawl on the go, a fab jumper, loads of socks, another shawl and a wrap... to name but a few. When will I ever learn? Startitis continues to be a problem.

Anyone fancy a bit of Saturday Pudding? We have tiffin and caramel shortbread. If you do want some, better get round here quickly, 17 yr old boys are always hungry!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Is there anybody there?

I have been gone for a very long time and am wondering whether anyone is still out there.

Cooeee. You there?

I'm toying with the idea of resurrecting the much neglected blog - anyone still interested? I tend to live on Ravelry now, but might dip my toes back into Blogland now and again.

That's all for tonight, but just because I never did like a post without pictures, here's a couple of things I've been up to in the last, um 7 months...

The Beekeepers Quilt - an ongoing project, need about 600ish hexagons for the size I'd like.

And look what just flew off the needles at the weekend, finally!

Monday, April 18, 2011

More progress...

We've just been away to Welsh Wales for a few days - which apart from the beautiful scenery, means plenty of knitting time for me. Turns out though that I haven't really got much to show you. I managed to get a few more inches of Carica done (congratulations to anyone who can remember that far back!). I seem to have slipped up with this though. I started it exactly as the pattern said, but it was huge - bigger than huge infact. It would have fitted a baby elephant. So very sensibly I decided to go down a size and drop a needle size. On reflection it seems that one or the other would have been a more sensible option. Still, it will be good when I lose weight... and shrink a bit height wise too!

Here is my latest dog-walking sock. Despite the absence of the dog on holiday (he stayed at home with my mum and dad). It's the first of Snape's Stockings, designed by the same person who did Hermione's Everyday Sock. I was hoping to love it as much as Hermione's. I do not. I'm not terribly keen on the yarn either (when will I ever learn to just stick with Posh?) it's Tosh Sock and actually feels a bit nylony even though it's pure merino. Very loosely plied too so ends up being a bit splitty. Still, never mind, it's keeping me entertained while I'm out with the hound.

But here is another sock, another story altogether. Tug boat socks. It's mostly Posh with little bits of an unknown alpaca in. I love this sock. I love everything about this sock. The fish, the waves, the boat, the red bit at the top, and the heel... oh the heel! This is my most favourite heel ever in the history of heels! And even though I only cast it off a couple of days ago, I have already started on number 2. Something of a record for me! No second sock syndrome here. Love it loads (thank-you so much Trashy for pointing me in the right direction for this one!)

My queue on ravelry is gettting a bit long once again - I have 46 pairs of socks on it that I really want to do! So I'd better get on and do a spot of knitting don't you think?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Progress and pudding

Progress on the tug boat socks has been slow, but oh my goodness, I am so loving these socks. Look at that heel - I love that heel so much! I want to do all my heels like that from now on. I won't because it took ages, but I'd like to!

The second Dog-Walking Hermione sock was finished. I will go back to that pattern time and again. It was a delight to knit - so easy and so effective. Anyone else done one? I have started on a second pattern by the same designer - Erica Leuder - Snape's Stockings in an incredibly acidic green Tosh Sock. I'm only on the rib so far and while the yarn is OK, it hasn't had the same impact that Posh Martha has. Love Posh Martha. Really really love her. Though not in a lesbian kind of way (wasn't it Bridget Jones who said that?) (one of my literary heroines!)

Here was the Mother's Day pudding. Chocolate mousse cake heavily laced with Baileys and decorated with Cadbury's Caramel button things, white chocolate and strawberries just to be healthy! Yum, yum and yum again! Would you like some? Well sorry, but you're too late. We ate it all!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Oops - again!

Sorry. It's been ages again hasn't it? On the knitting front, I have finished my second Aspen Leaf cardigan. It is such a gorgeous pattern, really quick and well explained and I really, really love it. So it is such a shame that I seem unable to get the yarn right. My first one was knitted in Posh Yarn's Martha aran weight - it bled, so I washed it (may I just point out there that this is the first time I have ever had so much as a slight problem with Posh). Anyway, I decided to machine wash it. Not such a good idea. I killed it.

But never mind (well I did mind, but no use getting upset when it's all my own stupid fault) so I ordered some Almerboo from Woolhunter. Same problem with the bleeding yarn, but this time I decided to be so good and hand washed the cardi until the water ran clear. And then I put it in the washer on the gentle spin cycle. Mrs Woolhunter told me not to do this, but I knew better... well it turns out that Mrs Woolhunter was right and I was wrong.

So I now have 2 felted Aspen Leaf cardigans. Do I try for a third? In superwash something?

While I ponder this question, I was sent the Ravelry link to a pattern that was apparently right up my street. (Thanks Moogsmum and Trashy). A fantabulous sock with little boats on, fishes, waves, cables and loads of colours. Oh how right were you both, this pattern was ordered within minutes.

Oh heavy sigh. Next time I'm sent 'good ideas', someone please remind me to check the pattern first. A sock with 80 stitches? 2.25mm needles? Intarsia in the round? Loads of ends to darn in? It is certainly a challenge, but I absolutely adore this little sock. Doubt I'll even end up with second sock syndrome here - there's so much to keep me entertained.

But after all the knitting dilemmas, I feel a slice of something nice is in order. This is healthy. It must be. It's got 2 whole punnets of strawberries on. Surely their goodness outweighs the all-butter puff pastry, the double cream, custard, white chocolate and full-fat yoghurt?

PS anyone fancy joining me knitting this rather wonderful bag? I think it might possibly be the best hand knitted bag I've ever seen!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I'm beginning to feel swamped by my WIP's again. I love them all. I want to finish them all. Why can't I just get off this machine and knit them all? I have too many WIP's. A friend of mine who comes to the Stash Basket house once a week to knit has only got 2 WIP's. She is making me feel like I need to get something done. (I keep telling her to get more stuff cast on!)

I was seriously thinking of concentrating hard on one particular project, just so I could get it off the needles. Reduce my 8 WIP's to 7 and then 6 and then 5...

... But then I saw this. 17 WIP's. I no longer feel quite so guilty, just a bit of a light weight (oh if only!) with such a paltry amount of projects hiding in the house!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

At last!

OK then, get the patterns out and the yarn and the needles. I need to start casting a few more things on. The interminable Mystery Blanket is finally finished and off the needles. Thank goodness for that, I can now breathe a huge sigh of relief. The colours are much brighter than this photo shows (rubbish light today, grey clouds and drizzle).

Some of the colours in it really bother me. I can't bear the hideous bright coral pink - it was awful yarn to knit with too - and the brown is just wrong. But I love the greens and blues. The multi-coloured cable squares were a pain to do, but worth every last grey hair - they are lovely! The picture squares are all great too - so pleased with the turtle and shell in particular. I didn't like the mermaid so changed the centre square to a policeman's helmet, er, jellyfish. It is far from right, but I couldn't bear to pull it down. In future years I'm sure it will make me smile - sitting in my dotage in a nursing home with it draped over my knees, I will no doubt wonder why I didn't do the mermaid but opted for a policeman with dreadlocks instead.

A friend of mine is doing this year's and despite my initial reaction of 'I don't like that' I would like to hearby change my mind. The colours are lovely, the yarn is gorgeous and the squares are beautiful - and look very complicated! But I am pleased I'm not joining in this year. Too many other things to knit (and indeed finish) and a whole big lot of sock yarn waiting to be turned into socks.

That being the case, I wonder why I've just bought 900g of Almerboo Aran and 600g of organic wool/alpaca. There is no hope, truly there isn't!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Anyone for a slice of today's pudding?

Chocolate mousse cake. Calorie free (cough cough). Personally I can hardly wait for pudding tonight and am seriously tempted to have some right now. Tell you what, if you all want to come round now for a slice then I'll plead ignorance and tell the family that they'll have to make do with a kitkat for pudding instead.


Knitting has been taking place. Two borders are now done and just so you can see, here is part of one of them completed. 15 rows of 250+ stitches and then cast off. It seems to be taking forever.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Failed hopelessly in fact. Didn't get the blanket finished and actually did very little else. I still haven't done any other kniting except the blanket and fortunately the end is really in sight now. Good job as a lovely lot of Almerboo arrived yesterday. Photos soon. Going to hang my head in shame now, thanks to Locket I have re-named this month as Make-It-Up-March. Hoping to have a few more finished projects this month. And a few more photos too.

Sorry everyone.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I has just occurred to me that I've not shown you the Dog-Walking Hermiones. I used this yarn to make Nutkin, possibly the worst sock pattern I have ever done - it went to the frog pond, something I very, very rarely do. The pattern twisted and was so very tight, the yarn pooled and looked awful. But I tell you what, Nutkin's loss is my gain! Easy peasy pattern and I love the effect it's made. Yummy!

And here, as promised are my somewhat bright socks. Quickest pattern ever. Lovely and thick and warm. I will be making more and more and more of these socks - every pair will be different, depending what yarn I have to use up. For I have quite a bit of sock yarn to use up!

And for now ladies and gentlemen, I am heading back to the blanket. Not long now (she says with great enthusiasm!)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I promise...

... not to knit anything else (apart from Dog-Walking hermiones) until the bloody Mystery Blanket is done. There. I've said it.

Afterall, with only 3 squares and 4 enormous borders left to do, it would seem silly to actually pick up another unfinished project and to enjoy knitting something wouldn't it?

Oh and the other mad and crazy scrappy sock? It's done! But as it's evening I can't take a good picture - the weather man has promised sun tomorrow so maybe that would be a good time to get snap-happy.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunglasses at the ready please...

Well, what do you think? How can this ridiculous sock not make you smile? I only cast it on on Saturday afternoon and here we are on Monday morning and it's done!!!!! I love this sock so much for every reason - the colours, the pattern, the yarn (pretty much all of it Posh except for the Colinette heel), the thickness, the speed it knitted up... I have already cast on for its partner - no second sock syndrome for thick socks. Oh I think I always want to make thick socks from now on - even my children like them - and for a 16 year old boy that's quite some admission!

Cast on 48 stitches, 3.5mm needles, with 2 skeins of sock yarn, change one colour every 10 rows - easy peasy and wonderful! Pattern is here.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Um, what day are we on now?

Sorry I've not been here for a couple of days. No excuses, but I have been knitting. I finished the Without Borders sock and I'm still not entirely convinced by it. But that's just something I'll have to live with. Actually I probably won't be living with it as the thing is a bit too small... so it's going to be heading mum's way I should think.

And someone please remind me - I did say I wouldn't cast anything else on didn't I? At least not for the rest of February? Anyway, it just shows how bad a case of Startitis I have. I cast on another pair of socks last night! I know, I know, I know. Don't give me a hard time. They are a cross between these and these. I'm not going to show it to you today. You will need to come back tomorrow to see this sock in all its finished glory (for yes, I will have finished the first sock by the morning).

But let me just warn you now, bring your sunglasses when you call back, for this sock is bright!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 5.

Things aren't going quite to plan. Having turned the heel already on the Without Borders Sock, I knitted an inch and a half yesterday of the fairisle pattern on the foot. It looked hideous. Holes everywhere. The stitches round the heel gaped and the whole thing looked awful. So I pulled it back. I was very tempted to pull the whole sock back, but as you know, I don't frog. To take back an inch and a half was bad enough.

So I decided to knit the whole foot plain, and here it is. I'm not happy with it but am determined to keep going to the bitter end. It's very much a 'use it up scraps' sock, hence the variety of different colours. I'm wondering though, just to tie it all together, whether to make a fairisle band across the middle of the foot. What do you think?

Was supposed to be doing the blanket today, but have been doing this sock instead. Blanket tomorrow. Promise!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 4.

No photo today I'm afraid. By the time I got back from school and then the dog walk, got tea ready, hoovered up and brought the washing in, it was dark. I managed a few rows of Soho last night, but not many.

Today's WIP is the Without Borders Sock - a p/hop pattern, which brings me quite nicely round to plugging a blanket that p/hop are organising on e-bay. Go and have a look and even bid if you feel so inclined. I tried bidding (because I so need another blanket!) but was outbid very quickly.

Right then, must go and knit. Spent far too long on Ravelry last night (oh my queue is growing again!). Please do not be concerned about my wip pile decreasing. It isn't. Apart from the Almerboo Bootees, nothing else is remotely done. Thanks Locket for giving me the opt out clause of Make it Up March, I'll be needing that (and very possibly About time April and even Must finish May).

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 3.

Phew, I'm not sure how much longer I can keep this up for! Anyway, here's yesterday's progress - another square completed and one more cast on. I really am on the homeward strait here. Good job too as I need to get on with knitting stuff from my Ravelry queue - I have now started my 4th page on there. Have got well over 30 pairs of socks queued, daren't count exactly how many, but it's a lot! Several jumpers, gloves, cardigans, shawls (why? I don't do shawls!) and a few nonsense things.

Tonight I'm doing a bit more of Soho. Am a little dispirited with that though - just realised that I will have to knit loads more than the pattern suggests because I'm using finer yarn and skinnier needles. Well that'll teach me won't it?!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 2.

Yesterday's knitting project was the Almerboo Bootees (pattern from here). I knitted like crazy and actually amazingly got something finished! These are so gorgeous to feel and I'll bet they're quite nice to wear too - but I'm not allowed, they are for mum for Christmas. Yippee! I have started!

And here's a picture of my washing line today - I hand-wash all my hand-knit socks, even the ones that say the yarn is machine washable. Somehow I just don't trust it. I would be most upset if they died in the wash!

Right then, back to the knitting. Mystery blanket today. Do not expect great results though, I'm onto a cable one. Hate knitting cables, so damn fiddly.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 1.

This is what I was knitting yesterday - the Posh Rowan wrap shawl thing. I think I managed about 14 rows - which I feel is pretty good considering there are 250 stitches on the needles. And next time I decide to use this ridiculously fine mohair yarn, someone please remind me not to do it.

Today's knitting is all about the Almerboo Bootee. Must finish. Gulp. Tall order.

Back tomorrow.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lack of Commitment

I am starting to get so annoyed with myself over my whole lack of commitment. I love my Rowan wrap, I love Soho, I love Carica, I love Tempest. I am even getting to acquaint myself with the mystery blanket. I like the Without Borders Socks and the newly cast on Hermiones. I like Pimpeliesse and adore the almost finished Almerboo Bootees.

So why in Heaven's name can't I get something finished?

This time last year I was half way through Finish It Off February. It was so successful, I managed loads. This year I seem to have more stuff cast on than ever before.

Enough is enough Mrs Stashbasket. Stop bloody casting stuff on and get your arse into gear. Get off this machine, pick up the needles and knit like fury. Stop falling asleep in front of the telly, you don't have enough time to allow yourself the luxury of sleep. Give the family toast for tea (a roast dinner is just over-rated) and explain that time is running out. Finish It Off February is nearly 2 weeks old and nothing has been finished off.

Pictures will be posted every day until the end of the month so you can keep track of me.

I will not let you down.

Or if I do happen to let a few days slip, be happy in the knowledge that I am just knitting instead of computering!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Sorry I've been away again. Life. It has this habit of getting in the way doesn't it?

Anyway, thank-you all for the comments on the dreaded Mystery blanket. It is coming along now and I only have 5 more squares left to knit and then the border (which I've worked out to be about 18,000 stitches big). No photo yet I'm afraid - perhaps you'll just wait until it's all done then? Hopefully by the end of this month...

...that is if I can bear to put down some of my other projects. This is a Rowan-esque pattern from the latest book. I saw a sample knitted up in John Lewis and fell in love. I didn't go to the expense of all the Rowan summer tweed and decided to knit it from stash (well, almost!) Basically it seems to be an extension of the Mason Dixon Scribble Scarf. Which actually I hated knitting, so why on earth I'm doing one that involves casting on 250 stitches I don't quite know!

It is already a few rows bigger than this, but as you'll appreciate, that many stitches with lace-weight is a bit of a slow-grower. For me anyway. I don't like knitting with lace weight or mohair so again I am left asking myself - why?

I've finished a pair of socks. Have done these whilst walking Harvey. You can't see the pattern at all here (rubbish photo) but it's Dee's Slip Up Socks pattern. Brilliant, easy, relatively mindless. I've used Colinette Jitterbug - nice and warm.

I can't seem to get a good picture of this. It's a bootee. A lovely warm snuggly cosy bootee in Woolhunter's Almerboo. A dream of a pattern, fabulous yarn (who wouldn't want to knit anything in Almerboo? what a great name!)

The second one is cast on, and not far off completion. Another Christmas present sorted! I really am determined it won't creep up on me again this year.

Just remind me I said that will you?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Well being as 2011 is going to be my year of finishing off things, I feel it's only right and proper to make sure I have plenty of things to finish off, don't you?

Startitis is bad at the moment. As bad as it has ever been (I blame the bloody mystery blanket of which I am so bored!)

Yesterday I cast on a sock. Today I cast on a bootie - not the baby kind, a proper grown up bootie. Tomorrow I fully intend casting on either a shawl/wrap type thing or Strand of Pearls - and then the day after, whichever isn't cast on tomorrow is going to be started then.

I'm sorry, but there is no photographic evidence yet. I am far too busy with the needles to think about finding the camera. Maybe tomorrow.

Damn I love casting on!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mystery blanket progress

Well I promised you a Mystery Blanket update didn't I - and here it is. Yes it's bright and cheerful and colourful - should be right up my street, but it's just not. The love is not there. It's far too pretty and girly. I changed one square that was supposed to be a mermaid into a jelly fish... hmm. Not sure if that was such a good idea. I think it looks like a policeman's helmet with dreadlocks and my mum thought it was a sea monster. (Its the one on the left row in the middle)

But look here, another finished thing! Hoot Water Bottle Cover. Easy peasy to knit. Nice and quick. I think that everyone will be getting one of these for Christmas this year... and of course if I do decide that now, then I can have Christmas all sorted by the end of February. Perfect!

Just need to persuade my 16 yr old son that a knitted hot water bottle cover is the best thing ever and he really would like one of those!

Monday, January 10, 2011


Is it me, or have I been nearly 3 months without blogging? I have kept meaning to blog, but have kept doing other stuff instead (blame Ravelry and Harvey!). Anyway, now that I'm here, may I wish you all a very Happy New Year and I hope you all had a good Christmas.

I have decided that 2011 is going to be a finish-it-off year for me on the knitting front. I have got so many half done projects, most of which I love, that I really want to get done. There's Carica and Soho, Tempest and of course the infernal Mystery blanket. I have socks without partners, socks without feet and oh so much sock yarn without even so much as a cast-on rib! (I love all of my sock yarn and am quite keen on having a few more pairs of socks by the end of the year). I want to make more Christmas presents, more birthday presents and more presents in general.

So I shall start the year as I mean to go on. I will use the blog as a show and tell to let you know how I'm progressing - even if you aren't interested, at least I can keep track of where I am.

First up is a single mit. It does now have a partner, but I just never got round to taking its picture - Moogsmums' Ferne Mits in an unknown mystery yarn found lurking in the bottom of the Stash Bag (er, one of the Stash Bags...)

Next is a sock that I started a while ago, loved and then ignored. Without Borders, you will be finished one day soonish...

The Cranford mits were a lovely knit and more will appear throughout this year - I geve these to mum and she loves them.

Pimpelliese looks a very easy pattern and indeed it is. So why on earth do I have to look at the pattern every single row? Eldest son bought me this yarn - Posh Yarn's new sparkly yarn, Pamela.

The York Sock got completed at long last - huge and enormous as they are, I think they'll be used more in wellies than shoes.

And here is my most favourite sock ever. Gaudete was a mystery Advent sock, part of the pattern being published every weekend throughout Advent. I've never done a heel like that, shaped a sole like that, cast on like that or done a pattern like that. To top it all, the Posh Martha has turned out stripy and I just love it!

I have now turned my attentions to the Mystery Blanket. I'm not enjoying this, but feel so much time and effort has gone into it so far, not to mention expense, that I need to get on and do it. I'm forcing myself! Come back soon for photographic evidence of progress. If not of that, then something else. More pictures, less chat this year. Oh the resolutions are so well-meant at this time of year!

Thanks for coming back to see me, I've missed you all.