Sunday, August 19, 2007

Another finished project

I suppose that the benefit of having so many things on the needles is that lots get finished all at once! Managed to get these socks done on holiday too, well, managed the second one, the first has been hanging around for ages. The photo is not a good one - the colours are so pretty in real life. More Posh Yarn again - Emily in Garden Path.

So glad you all liked the forest canopy shawl. And in reply to some of your comments, no, Dee, I am not addicted to lace now. I much prefer stocking stitch - especially fair isle (more of that another day...) And Annette (hello by the way, nice to have you here) no, I will most definitely not be making another. It went on for far too long, and I want to get back to stocking stitch. Preferably fair isle. And preferably in some very posh cashmere...

But for the next few days, Tipsy will just have to be on hold, ready to be cast on another day. I'm off to see my brother in the Lake District and need some little portable knitting. Probably another sock, unless you can come up with something else - be quick though, I need to pack my suit-case.


julie said...

love the socks - really pretty and the forest canopy is a real achievement!

Monkee Maker said...


Sigh. Have a smashing time. And the socks are fab. (Insert another sigh here)

sharon said...

How about a sweet little cap for yourself ?
gorgeous socks too.