Friday, August 31, 2007

Nicole's Cake

This cake is for Nicole, a friend's daughter who is a Goth apparently, or am I imagining that? Anyway, her mum asked for a 'purple and silver cake with lipstick and music things on'. It stumped me, I have to be honest, but this is what I've come up with. What do you think?

Yesterday my neighbour gave me some blackberries that she'd just picked. Ooh, goody, I love blackberries and thought about my favourite autumnal cake - blackberry spiced crumble cake. Believe me, it's delicious. So I set out this morning to make one, eagerly awaiting trying it for my dinner. Or tea. Or snacking on it. Or any other way I could get this rammed down my throat. It went in the oven looking very promising. The smells coming from the kitchen have been driving us all mad. Get me to that pudding! At last it was ready. Out it came. On to the cooling rack.

The new cooling rack

The new non-stick cooling rack.

And guess what? It didn't stick. It slid beautifully off the damn rack and straight onto the floor.



Monkee Maker said...

Oh-oh. But hey, surely you don't worry about a little thing like dropping it on the floor? I'll bet it would still taste fab ..... maybe just a little gritty (or a lot gritty if it was our kitchen floor!)

julie said...

oh crud! I'm with monkee maker and would have been scooping up the bits although also like her I'd rather not eat off my own kitchen floor!

julie said...

PS. Love the lipstick cake - Amy does too.

Rubyred said...

Oohh what a shame!What did you do?

picperfic said...

bugger indeed! I did that once just brfore guests arrived! Sounds very delicious! Beautiful cake as always! You are so talented M!