Monday, August 20, 2007

Holiday knitting

Just to let you know - I've decided on the Ruffled Garden Socks from this month's Magknits. Cast them on last night using some gorgeous merino from Kerrie (one pink and one blue skein). Very excited by this pattern - it looks so pretty. Oh hang on let me take a picture... (I never have liked a picture less post!)

There, that's better. What do you think then? Expect great things when I return - the train journey is nearly five hours long. Mind you, am more than likely to use spare yarn to tie up children... 7 and 12 yr olds 'sitting still' for that length of time? I think not!

And before you all complain about me taking another holiday, the last one was a week with my in-laws where it rained nearly every day. This time am going to my brother - it will probably rain every day there too, but will be much more relaxing! He's very computer-minded, so he might let me post from there. See you soon maybe?

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picperfic said...

those socks look pretty. I love those interesting balls of yarn will have to show me how you wound them so beautifully! Have fun with your brother....