Saturday, August 18, 2007

Forest Canopy

So here we are - as promised. Forest Canopy got finished at long last. The yarn was a present from the Fabulous Dee - Lucia sock yarn in the rather wonderfully named shade 'Scrumptious'. Does anyone else wonder where she gets all those names from? Does she sit there with a dictionary, or does she just have too much time on her hands?!!!! (Only jesting my dear!) I used 4mm needles and managed to do 23 repeats with 2 skeins. I was very worried at the end if I'd run out of yarn - had a mere 3 metres left.
It's a lovely size and I can't wait to wear it. The colours are just great, so very 'me' and I really think this will go with everything in my wardrobe. I love it so much, thanks Dee and Tony (who no longer wants to be called Mr P). More cake for you one day!
Close up - have I blocked it right? Should the leaves be squares? There are loads of mistakes on it, but by the time I was down to repeat number 21 and at least 5 million stitches on the needles, there was no way I was going to take anything back down!

Oh and some very exciting news, I've been nominated for a Rocking Blogger Award by Julie (Blossom and Alfie's first mum). Don't know what it means, but hey, an award! Me! Yeah man, I rock. Shall I be going on tour soon?


Dee said...

That certainly does look scrumptious! (and yes, I have been known to resort to a dictionary....) Was I right? Are you hooked on lace knitting now?

Emma said...

That's gorgeous ! Well done, it's a fabulous first shawl.
Chick loved all his postcards. Thank you.

sharon said...

Uhm, I just want to say wow!
That is scrumptiously beautiful!

picperfic said...

oooh delicious Michaela! I can just feel the scruptiousness of it! You've done well!

Annette said...

That looks stunning and the scrumptious colourway really suits the pattern, well done! You do realise that one Forest Canopy is never enough though don't you, and before long you'll be after starting another? :o)

Working Mom Knits said...

You and Keith Richards! (on tour that is.)