Friday, August 24, 2007

On holiday with bunnies

Holidaying with bunnies was so lovely. Look at their little faces as they ran through the long grass (think they were playing kiss-chase, Blossom is a bit flirty lately and of course Alfie is so up for it!). Expecting the patter of tiny feet very soon! This picture was taken at Fountains Abbey in North Yorkshire. It is a truly beautiful place, totally awe-inspiring at the size of it all. Built before cranes and diggers and JCB's too. How did they do that? More pictures another day when I can't find anything else to show you.
After the Abbey, we found our way to this little sweet shop - a gem of a place if ever there was one. And guess what everybody, they do an on-line service too. Jars and jars of sweets, all the sorts that used to be around when I was a little girl. Oh such nostalgia! Oh, so many calories. Oh who cares? Blossom and Alfie loved it here too, as you can tell by the look on Blossom's face. They were expensive chocolates, but mighty damn fine! Of all the places we went to on holiday, this place sticks in all of our minds more than anything else. We are obviously very greedy!


Monkee Maker said...

Oh those little cotton rabbits are so sweet! And the chocolates look divine too. Did you buy enough to go round??

(You really know how to show some people up, by the way .... you picture your bunnies with good, wholesome sweeties while they may occasionally pose their - let's say - monkeys with beer. Cheers!)

picperfic said...

mmmm those bunnies know how to have a good time! I love old fashioned sweets....yum!

julie said...

well it looks like the bunnies had a wonderful time - that picture of them gambolling through the long grass is just priceless! Glad you all had a great time.