Friday, June 19, 2009


Just a thought, but does anyone out there use flora and not have children in school? They are offering the chance to 'buy' cooking equipment - tokens can be found on the inside of Flora tubs. If you use Flora and don't send the tokens to your child's school, then please can we have them? Just go here to register your token number and select Lionel Walden Primary School. Many thanks! (We only have a rather pathetic £3.60 so far, and as we all know, every little helps!)


Daisie said...

You have mixed up Tesco and Flora and now my brain hurts!

quinn said...

Here I have neither flora nor tesco, but if I did, you would have all my tokens :)

Hope you get a heap!

cherryblu said...

Page is bookmarked for the next time I open a tub :-)