Sunday, June 14, 2009

Saturday Pudding - gone wrong!

I just daren't show you a picture of Saturday Pudding. No, I'm not going to do it.

We were going to have a summer fruit cheesecake. I made the base. Perfect. I made the filling... and that's where it all started to go wrong. You see, in true slop jockey fashion, I was convinced that I knew better than the recipe. No point in whipping everything up separately and messing up every mixing bowl in the house, no, just bung it all in together, mix it up and it'll be fine.

It was not fine.

It did not set. At all.

Never mind, I had some meringue nests just ready for such an occasion, let's make a sort of Eton Mess instead. So I mixed it all together and put it in the serving dish. There was too much for the dish so it spilled all over the table. Never mind, again. Spoon some out into mouth. Hmm. Bit sweet and sloppy. Aha, brainwave. If I crumbled up the perfect cheesecake base and mixed that in the Mess, it would add texture and cut down on the sweetness. Yes?


Base went soggy and gloopy. Quite unpleasant really.

So today I have decided to bung it into the ice cream maker and see how that turns out.

Let's face it, it can't be much worse!


wonderwoman said...

i bet that turns out lovely!!!! just the right day for ice cream!


quinn said...

This is not "pudding gone wrong" is "development of the perfect ice cream recipe" ;)

(my word verification is "plato" so clearly my words are wise!)


Working Mom Knits said...

Three cheers for "bung-ing"! And slop-jockying!!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I think it all sounds rather gloopily delicious! Do let us know how the ice cream turns out! Lucy x

Mary deB said...

Mmm, I bet the end result was great!

(my word verification is "faughaul" which sounds like a lot of work to me!)

Moogsmum said...

Oh dear! From one slop-jockey to another - an ice-cream maker can do the most amazing things for puddings-gone-wrong :-)


Anonymous said...

I believe you took the appropriate decision and that the resulting ice cream should be delicious. You are a winner on kitchen topics and I wish I would be half energetic as you are! ;) xx


dottycookie said...

Now that's really dedicated leftover using - Hugh F-W woiuld be proud of you!