Monday, June 1, 2009

Show and Tell

Look what arrived today! The blanket, which I had begged for someone to crochet round has turned up. Eve, you are a complete star, the crochet is fantastic and really sets off the whole thing. I love this blanket, so bright and cheerful, I cannot begin to tell you how well the border matches it all. Thanks to everyone who has joined in with this. It is very much appreciated!

Incidentally, the stripey 'round robin' type blanket is still out there somewhere - must make a mental note to chase that one up, haven't heard from it for a very long time.

I have a new scarf. I saw this one and fell instantly in love and managed to convince mum that she needed a spot of knitting to keep her busy! It's made in Posh Yarn (other yarns are available, but frankly my dear, don't bother wasting your money on anything else!) Charlotte - silk and merino mix - and is gorgeous. I almost regret the sun shining quite so much lately as I want to wear my new scarf!

Progress on the Golden Wedding Blanket is slow but sure. I need to make 2 a week for the next year to be able to get it done. The stripy squares are going to be perfect mindless knitting - suitable for football matches, waiting to collect children and rare visits to the cinema. The flowers are much more complicated, involving intarsia, Swiss darning and beads. They also take a very long time! I am refraining from sewing it all together until every last one of the 99 squares is made. I am not organised enough to have a plan of colours, just doing whatever takes my fancy at the time.

Oh yes, and on the subject of Posh Yarn, look what I was lucky enough to grab from last weeks sale - a skein of Esme Riband. I love this so much that I was very bad last night and ordered more Esme. Well, I think I did. I ordered something, but such is the panic on a Sunday Evening, that I just tend to press 'buy' whenever I see something that I can't possibly do without. The Stash Basket will be very happy soon as it was starting to look a little bit empty.

Well, perhaps 'empty' is a slight exaggeration...

Finally for today's Show and Tell, here is some beautiful jewellery bought from Silver Pebble. (Please excuse rubbish blurry photo). I could spend a fortune in her little shop, and just as soon as Paypal has recovered from the latest Posh Purchases, I may very well be heading straight back to her shop...


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oooh! Lots of times over! Great blanket, fab scarf, clever knitting,posh yarn, gorgeous jewellery! Oooooh! Lucy x

P.S. My word verification today is "handens"

As in "handens the lovely things over and no one gets hurt"

wonderwoman said...

i agree with Lucy, lots of lovely goodies on your post today - absolutely love your scarf (do you lend your mum out?), beautiful earrings, fantastic yarn and wonderful blanket!


trashalou said...

Surely Locket it would be 'hurtens'????

Anonymous said...

I love the crocheted blanket. Gorgeous scarf also, Michaela! You keep yourself busy and inspired. Happy knitting! ;)

Working Mom Knits said...

Good Lord Woman! I am not sure which is more beautiful - the skein of Posh (oh how I love thess!) or the scarf (instantly broke my vow not to download/print any mor patterns this month!).

You are indeedie a very lucky, lucky girl!

sara said...

All the blankets are lovely.