Thursday, June 25, 2009

Too much!

While 'chatting' with WMK last night, we both decided that there was , how do I put this delicately, too much of us. We have both decided that enough is enough and drastic measures must be taken. Dare I mention the dreaded D word (diet) ? No, I thought not.

Anyway, we decided to start a club right here on this blog for us and anyone else who wants to join in and lose weight. Starting from now, we are trying to shed a few pounds. Well, maybe more than a few. OK then, lots and lots.

The incentive? Well, to join this club, you must send me a skein of yarn, some gorgeous fabric or anything crafty that you really like, that you would like to own. For every pound you shed, you win a raffle ticket and go into a draw to take place sometime in the future (New Year's Day possibly). If enough people join, there shall be a first, second and third prize. If no-one else joins us, then it's just a draw between the two of us!

I have started it all off with a skein of hand-spun yarn from the Felt Studio and a skein of Posh Yarn. Now I really, really want to keep these, so the only way to keep them is to lose loads of weight and then win the raffle.

What do you think? Anyone else up for this?

Send me something fabulous and crafty, lose weight (gain it or stay the same and no raffle tickets for you I'm afraid!) win tons of stuff back. Cheaper than weight watchers I think. I shall trust your honesty - anyone who says they've lost 14 pounds in one week will be pushing my good nature.

Weigh days are Thursdays - don't tell me your weight, just how much you've lost each week. Shall I put it in the side bar like a leader board? (Can someone very clever tell me how to do that?) (And is there anyone really clever who can do linky buttony thingy?)


dottycookie said...

That's genius. I shall email you.

quinn said...

Oooooo. This requires some thought!
Okay, I'm in!


Must start thinking of something especially raffle-worthy to send.

Thanks, Michaela - you are brilliant!

trashalou said...

toying, thinking, wondering .... hmmmmmm

Mary deB said...

Well, that's incentive, I tell you! I'm in!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Definitely sounds like a good plan! I'm in - and will organise myself to send you something gorgeous soon.

The only thing is, the raffle tickets, in my case at least, would need to be allocated at the end of whatever time we are given as I am very good at losing weight and then getting it all back again!!!

Lucy x

Kathryn said...

I'm in! I've been 'healthy eating' for the past monthy and at times it has been a little hard to resist some things (chocolate, cake, crisps, especially crisps, did I mention crisps?) and this a lovely idea and a great incentive.

I could tell you how much I've lost already, but I've gone metric and I'm not sure how many pounds!

I have new strength to resist the Twirl bar sitting in the kitchen.


Kathryn said...

Husband has just waved my emergency Twirl in front of me.

NOT helpful.

Moogsmum said...

Oh my word ...this could be just the incentive I've been looking for!!

Count me in and I'll find something lovely to send you.

Now....just need to get through the school fair today without succumbing to the barbeque, Pimms bar and cake stall....may have to start tomorrow!!


Rachel said...

Hi, hope I'm not too late to join in! This sounds like a great idea and might give me just the incentive I need. I'll see what I can find to send you.
Rachel x