Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oops, I've done it again...

Well I did warn you that I quite liked the latest selection from Posh Yarn didn't I? I was bad, but all things considered I was quite restrained! The green and the orange skeins are definitely growing up into a pair of stripy socks. Or maybe mittens or gloves or a hat or oh I don't know, something! But I feel they look so good together that they are just screaming to be used together. Startitis will be very bad in the next week I know!

In my quest for yarn for the Golden Wedding Blanket, I hunted around on Ravelry and very cheekily asked one lady (Siw) if she could bear to part with this incredible green yarn (which in real life has lots of lemon in it too). She was sooooo kind and agreed to swap something with me. I sent her 2 skeins of Posh Eva 2-ply which I loved, and in return got all of this - Posh Helena, 2 skeins of something delicious hand dyed by Siw and a huge bar of Norwegian Chocolate. All very wonderful.

Thank-you so very much Siw. It is all fantastic - and I have already cast on with the green for another square! As to using the purple , I think I'm going to have a go at knitting 2 socks together on 2 circular needles. How about that then Marit?


trashalou said...

That is a good swap! Do Posh only have a sale once a month?

marit said...

Lovely yarns! (And that bar of chocolate is rather good;-))
Two socks at a time? Sounds like a very good plan! Have you decided on a pattern yet?

Working Mom Knits said...

Want (1,000,000)

ps: ooooh - Trashy has no clue what kind of addiction she's flirting with by asking that innocent question!

wonderwoman said...

wow, what a great swap - love the yarn - i am in awe of your talents with needles - two socks in one go - oh my! i need to know about posh sales too!!! they seem to do such beautiful yarn.


Moogsmum said...

That makes me feel better as I had a couple of accidents last week that resulted in quite a haul of lovely new yarns! In fact, I've just discovered another localish yarn shop and cannot begin the tell you how hard it to remain seated here!!

Startitis is running amok here.

So impressed to see you finished the gorgeous poppy socks. I love the colours you used.

...and the golden wedding blanket is going to be stunning!

Off now to drool over your it were ;-)