Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I was bad - again. I succumbed to the Posh Yarn Sale on Sunday. But tell me - could you have passed this by? I have had many favourites over the years, but this one, oh my word, this one really has done it for me. Martha in Evanescent.

The pattern is already lined up - I fully intend casting on tonight. After the ironing, the cooking, the baking, the cake decorating, the taxiing and whatever else it is I have to do. But you know what? I'm not sure I'll be doing any of it. I'm swooning at the thought of knitting this up. (Startitis is still alive and tormenting me!)

I've never used Martha before, so in the interest of Market Research, I just had to do it didn't I?


trasha said...

No you really did have to do it. I can see that there was no other option and we all know that fairness is an essential part of the British character. Right along with pluck and grit. Which I think you may need if you are to fend off startitis ;-)

Working Mom Knits said...

Good Lord Above - that is GORGEOUS!!!!

want (1,000,000)

wonderwoman said...

oooh that looks soooo lovely - i can understand why you just had to have it - it was positively shouting buy me!!!