Thursday, September 17, 2009


Look here everyone! They are finished! Ensnared are finally, finally off the needles! As you know, I've not enjoyed knitting these much, but actually, looking at them here, I really quite like them.

It has an awful lot to do with the yarn, which is as near to perfect as yarn can get. Of course it's Posh, but just look at those colours. Fantastic. Mum saw them yesterday and fell in love with them. So guess what Father Christmas might be bringing her in December! We suffer badly with cold feet, mum and I, but as she pointed out, I have far more hand-knitted socks than she does (my 5 pairs to her 3), so it's only fair to share. Oh, ok mum!

I've been meaning to show you this for ages. It's another offering for the great Bloggy Diet Raffle. Now the generosity of Frances has quite astounded me. Eight (yes count them!) skeins of Fyberspates Blue faced Leicester yarn. Absolutely gorgeous. And just in my colours too. (Frances felt that 'Healthy Greens 'would be very appropriate!) Delicious. So come on everyone, if your diet has gone by the way side, start again now. Wouldn't you just love to have a chance at winning this?

It is Thursday, which means it's weigh day. And for the second miraculous announcement of the day, I am pleased to tell you that I have lost 4.5 pounds this week. I was gob smacked when they told me the news. I have never lost that much in a week before - I knew my clothes felt more comfy, but hey, I was hoping for 3!

If you're at all undecided about 'diets', I can wholeheartedly recommend Slimming World. I'm eating loads, feeling full up, not feeling like I'm on a diet and am even letting myself have a daily kitkat for a chocolate fix! Admittedly, I would like 3 or 4 kitkats, but you can't have everything can you?!


dottycookie said...

Hey, good for you, both for socks and poundage!

I managed a single pound this week, which is annoying given the number of miles I've walked but hey, better off than on!

Kitty said...

Well done you on the losing the weight thing. I need to lose a bit from round my middle - the rest of me is ok.

Those socks are stunning.


PS The bag will be with you shortly - sorry for delay. I'm rubbish aren't I?

quinn said...

Happy to say I've lost another 2 pounds! Thanks for the inspiration :)

And I LOVE your new socks! I've been making hats in spare moments for the past 2 weeks, and I'm really ready to get back to the sock needles.

Moogsmum said...

Woohooo you!! Fab weight loss :)

I'm delighted to say I lost 2lbs this week and got my 1 stone sticker!!

That yarn is GORGEOUS! In fact, I'll happily relinquish my pink if I can win that!

The Ensnared socks are looking fab - you deserve many Brownie points for knitting the pair.


Anonymous said...

Ensnared look lovely and how satisfying to know they will have a good home, not a pattern to revisit. Very well done with your weight loss, its not easy is it?

marit said...

Love the socks! It's a great colour, and your mum is lucky:-)

Rachel said...

Congrats on finishing the socks! I'm going to come completely clean and admit that I've put on 2lbs since last time. (I blame it on all the family birthdays - and therefore cakes - this month!). Oops. But that stash of green yarn looks gorgeous, so I'm going to try and knuckle down again!
R x

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Well done on the weight loss Michaela! Slimming World does seem to do the job doesn't it? Although I managed to put a pound back on this week :o( but it might be because I normally get weighed first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and this was in the evening and I was dying for a wee too!!! Sorry - probably too much information!

Great socks by the way!

Lucy x

IDA said...

well done..
however, your "funny" headline made my virus-alert go off.. they didnt think that !!!!! was an appopriate subject.. LOL
Good to know that it is reacting to something, just hope it will also react to the real threats..