Thursday, September 24, 2009

Swamped again!

I have no exciting photos to share today (not that they're ever very exciting). I have no exciting news to share either. In fact I have absolutely nothing to share at all, but felt that being as I'd been quiet for a week, I ought to pop by and say hello.

I really am feeling swamped yet again by the multitude of things I have to do. Mr Stressy has been away since Tuesday and the plan was that I get some knitting well and truly off the needles. The knitting corner would be all neat and tidy on his return. But hey, guess what. It's not tidy. It's a tip. No knitting has been completed apart from blanket squares, so as the blankets are nowhere near finished, more clutter has been added rather than taken away.

I am beginning to panic at the sheer enormity of the 'to do' pile. And the house is untidy (ooh, Mr Stressy won't like that) so I really have to go and get something constructive done.

Where did I put the hoover? The duster (do I even own a duster?) Open cupboards, put some things away, tidy up.

But then again, the final Mystery Blanket package has arrived today and I haven't completed all of September squares yet. So it's only right and proper that I concentrate on knitting rather than house work. After all, Mr Stressy isn't back until tomorrow and that's ages away...

Oh and as to weight loss, I lost a pound. A teeny weeny stinking rotten pound. I was very upset - what's the point in dieting all blinking week to be told that's all you've lost. I wanted at least 2. Bother. Must drown sorrows. In yarn of course.


dottycookie said...

I'm with you in the 'just a pound this week' camp - but given my recent lack of progress I'm pretty psyched about having lost any at all :-)

IDA said...

remember to take your measurements.. waist, thigs upperarms, chest etc. And then check them whenever you feel you havent lost enough. I was told, when dieting, that the body had to take a rest to reorganise the depots.... or something like that.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Can I be really mean and shout from the rooftops that I have lost 3lbs this week which makes my total 1 stone and half a pound? Sorry, but last week I was sooooooo miserable because I'd put on a pound so pretty please can I be excited this week?

And as for the messy house - leave it that way! Think of it as exposure therapy for Mr Stressy - after a while he'd just have to get used to it!!!!

Lucy xxx

wonderwoman said...

i would have a nice glass of something and resume the knitting - housework is low on the list of priorities!


Moogsmum said...

Now then takes an awful lot to lose a whole pound and if you lost one each week that'd be nearly four stone in a year. 'Only a pound' off is far better than only a pound on :)

As for the housework - don't give in to it you HAVE to knit!


p.s. lost 1.5lbs this week - total now 15.5lbs and I'm in a state of shock 'cos not only have I lost more weight than I have for YEARS but I'm also on my second Fair Isle mitten!!

Kathryn said...

A pound lost is better than no loss, and much, much than a pound on.

And when I have to do an emergency tidy-up, I'm always amazed by how much untidiness can get into a laundry basket or plastic bag, and then hidden away somewhere!