Monday, September 7, 2009

Startitis again...

Why am I so rubbish at starting things? No, wrong choice of words. Why am I so good at starting things? I have got so many things started, I'm beginning to lose count! I've already cast on with the gorgeous yarn Lise sent for me (it would be rude to do anything else would it not?!) - this lovely little short sleeved top with stripey sleeves. From Rowan number 31 I think. It would be a quick knit if only I didn't have so many other things to do as well!

I feel in the need for another WIP Week. It worked quite well last time I tried this and I even got a couple of things done. You know, like finished done.

So off we go. Tomorrow I'll show you how much I managed to knit from this top today and then I'll do a different something tomorrow. Do like before and after photos every day. Yes?

Right then, I'm off to do something constructive, probably the ironing. But count on it, knitting will be done at some stage today.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I've been quite good about not starting too many things lately and have spent most of the summer working on two quilts - I've nearly finished the second one now (although admittedly the top was finished months and months ago!)

What I've also done is lost another 3 1/2 pounds!!!! Yay! So I really must send you my raffle prize donation!

Lucy x

Susan said...

you could always post photos of your ironing, introduce us to something we know nothing about!

wonderwoman said...

sooo much more important to be knitting and NOT ironing!!! can't wait to see what you've been knitting.


quinn said...

I came to a dead halt on a sock recently, and this weekend buckled down for some donation knitting: 4 child-size hats. Finished the fourth last night, but discovered a factory knot in that last hat WHEN it unknotted itself, so now I must rip, join properly, and reknit. Sigh. It felt SO good for that five minutes when I thought I had actually set and reached a knitting goal!

Moogsmum said...

Ha ha ha's me! You ARE me!!

Soooo....I've finished the toe-up socks and baby jacket. Baby blanket and all the other WIPs are on I now have an overwhelming urge to knit hats....and only hats....and have accidentally bought enough new yarn for five of them!!



p.s. y'sure you haven't found a way for us to be paid to stay home knitting yet?