Friday, September 11, 2009

WIP Week - Day 4

This is a ridiculously small picture for such an important event. I watched this film the other day - 102 minutes that changed America - and cried all over again at the total unbelievable waste of it all. It still shocks me. It will shock me to the end of my days. It was not just 102 minutes that changed America though, it was 102 minutes that changed the World. We all mourned for those whose lives were just wiped out, for those who lost friends and relatives, for all those whose lives have been affected. As WMK herself has put it, we pray for peace.

Whilst not wishing to seem remotely flippant, I'm getting back to the WIP week. I managed a fair bit of the dreaded Ensnared last night - only another 15 or so rounds and then I can start the toes, decrease and cast off the blinking thing. Never again. Ever, ever, ever, ever.


Today's project is Colinette's Carica. Yes, another lousy photo taken before the sun came up. I really like this yarn - Banyan. It's a bit flippy floppy and I'm quite sure I'm going to love this jumper. I hope so. It will be the first Colinette one that I do love!

It was weigh day yesterday - anyone remember? Lots of you are heading very much in the right direction. I was stuck at the same 5lb loss - didn't put any on or lose any. So drastic measures were called for. I have joined Slimming World. So watch out Mrs Moog and Mrs Locket, I shall be catching you up very soon and am determined to win that yarn! (And on that subject, I have been sent a very generous donation from Frances - but more of that another day. I have knitting to do!)


dottycookie said...

Hello! You're braver than me, I've been avoiding all the Sept 11 programming this week. It's still raw and heartbreaking.

As for weghing, could you adjust me to a 5lb loss too? The holiday regain is still there and I think psychologically I'll feel better about 'starting' from there - I've been walking and drinking lots of water and genarally trying harder this week so it would be nice to report an actual loss next time.

Kathryn said...

I haven't lost any weight, but Flump is apparently about 10cm long.

quinn said...

One more pound! I mean, one LESS pound!

Anonymous said...

I very much admire all those knitting projects blooming from the stash basket! Slimming World... hum, hum... I am also trying to lose weight andaddress myself daily as if I were a 6 years old.;) This is a very long path to walk ;) I am sure you can do it smiling, Michaela. ;)

Giulietta (Lise)

Working Mom Knits said...

What's Slimming World? (Please don't tell me you've joined a *gasp* g-y-m!)

As we are telling all here, I will confess to having joined a "weight management" program myself. I am PAYING to have my food intake and physical activity monitored by experts for the next 12 weeks.

ps: even the word veri is out to sabotage my efforts as it is "mor me" rather than less-me!kachow95

Moogsmum said...

Did I mention I'd lost another 1.5 this week? 12lbs so far :)