Monday, September 14, 2009

WIP Week. The End.

Well this is the sum total of the whole weekend's knitting. Not very impressive eh? There would have been at least another square, but when I went to press it this afternoon, I thought it looked rather big and not very square. Closer inspection revealed that it was in deed big and it was not square. Instead of 39 stitches, I had cast on 49. Bother. So I've got to pull that one down and start again.

I think I may call a halt to the WIP week now. I've worked hard on it and still have nothing finished. The mystery blanket is calling me, as is this Golden Wedding one. I'm longing to finish Carica. I have yet to do any more to Soho. Ensnared is almost finished. The zig zag anklet remains half done. So does the quiviut snoody sort of thing. I never have shown you the 50 miles of i-cord or what it's going to grow up into.

No, I am slowly becoming swamped by all of these things. So much I'm desperate to do, so little time to get them all done in. I'll probably do something different most nights but will let myself have a couple of days doing the same project.

Why can't I be one of these people who only ever have one project on the go. Why can't I get my arse into gear and shorten the school trousers. Why can't I win the lottery, give up work and knit all day? (And just in case any of you think I'd be bored knitting all day, no, I wouldn't be. I have far too many different things to do to get bored!)


Sarah Knits said...

You will be pleased to know I finally got my blanket out of the corner and knitted a few rows whilst the Grand Prix was on (no pics yet but will try for some soon). Well done on WIP week,it has been fun watching all of your projects appear!

dottycookie said...

Ye, but if you could do all the things you'd listed, you wouldn't be you, you'd be an alien. And we like you as you are!

I speak as someone who gave herself a HUGE mental kicking at about 3am. If I'd said the things I said to myself to anyone else, I would have been deservedly flayed alive. Why do we beat ourselves up?

Working Mom Knits said...

For goodnesssakes! Just reading paragraph 2 is making me dizzy - and sort of panic'd. That's a whole lotta knittin' ya got listed there! Take a deep breath and work on something you want to work on.


ps: the Golden blankie is looking so, so very nice :)

trashalou said...

can't comment, am feeling a little snowed under by the sheer weight of what you have listed.

Loving the look of that Golden Blanket though.

Moogsmum said...

The Golden Wedding squares are gorgeous! That's going to be such a special blanket :)

Feeling slightly dizzy now at the thought of all your knitting...and slightly better about my own WIPs! Totally with you on needing to win the lottery so I can knit all day, though!

Mind you, just imagine the stash if money was no object!!


wonderwoman said...

oh my! no wonder you are feeling swamped! I suggest a deep breath, glass of wine and away you go!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Golly Michaela! You really do have LOADS of projects on the go at once! My mind would cave in before I'd got half way through - but like you, I wouldn't be bored!!!

Lucy x