Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Knitting News

Well I did promise some knitting news, but I hope you didn't all raise your hopes too high. I didn't know that I could knit on the plane, so packed the second Ensnared in the suitcase. However, hasty intervention from Marit drew my attention to the fact that I could indeed knit on a plane, so I hastily grabbed some needles and a couple of tiny balls of sock wool and started on a bunny egg cosy during the flight (once I'd calmed down enough to knit that is!)

I must just mention at this point that the flights both to and from Portugal were perfectly OK, it's just me that wasn't - I'm a cowardy custard when it comes to being in a big tin can 35,000 feet above the ground. Gravity. I am a true believer in gravity.

Anyway, all that aside, I did manage to complete all of the knitting for the latest little egg-cosy.

The rest of the holiday knitting was done whenever I could manage it - bear in mind it was very hot over there and sweaty, sandy fingers don't make for easy knitting.

So this is all that I managed. I am a slow knitter and this pattern refuses to grow at anything short of snail's pace (ribbing with every knit stitch being done into the back of the stitch). I am actually quite pleased with the progress made - the nearer the toes the better, this is an interminable sock. I still adore the yarn though (Posh Laura I seem to recall).

Anyway, the competition winner has to be Trashy who said that she thought I'd get past the heel and be well on the way to the toes. A little pressie will be on its way at some stage Mrs Trash. Possibly a book about The Ashes maybe and how ENGLAND BEAT THE AUSSIES.

Now that I am back home though, I feel I have fallen behind on blanket knitting - have only made 1 of August's mystery blanket squares and have September's here waiting to be made up. There is also the Golden Wedding blanket which is also behind schedule (less than a year to go now). I have got the rest of the sock, the rest of another sock, the rest of Soho, the rest of a hat, the rest of the Colinette jumper... well, you get the picture don't you?

Anyway, this is the knitting corner of our living room...

... and it's driving Mr Stressy mad. Or should that be MAD? So for now, I am promising to finish off a few projects before starting something new. But let's face it, I have so many started projects, the likelihood of me finishing them soon is pretty small.

Prioritise Mrs Stashbasket, prioritise!

First up has to be Mystery Blanket, then a few more Golden Wedding squares, then Ensnared, then, um, let's just wait and see shall we?


Rhiannon said...

You CAN knit on planes?! But the people at BA said I couldn't... (I smell a conspiracy!)

I'm impressed you managed to get any part of the sock done, especially given the notorious sandiness of beaches!

As for what to do next, I vote for whatever takes your fancy (although Mr. Stressy may not like me for saying it! :P)

Glad you landed safely (which is blatantly the worst bit of any flight)

wonderwoman said...

lovely knitting as always - and your knitting corner is way tidier than mine!!!! I'm not sure i'd ever have enough time to finish all the things i've started!!!


marit said...

Love the sock!!! (even if you didn't finish it...;-D)
The bunny will be adorable! No problems bringing knittingneedles on the plane, was there?

Great knittingcorner- and I think your Mr.Stressy might be related to my Hubby...both growling at the knitting it seems!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

What fab knitting! Surely it was the best medicine to calm you down while flying? I feel the need to sew frantically in anticipation of my interview tomorrow but I think taking my huge quilt on the metro train at rush hour might be a bit conspicuous!

Lucy x

trasha said...

I rise above your taunting comments. I have a son who, due to his parentage, has decided he will bowl for England in one Test and bat for Australia the next and then swap for the next two. When it was pointed out about the existence of a fifth Test he said he would be the umpire. I feel my boy may have a future in the diplomatic corp. However I shall be exceedingly gracious in receiving any book about the handing over of The Ashes this Summer ;-)

(am just a little bit excited by the way)

Moogsmum said...

Oh fab!! Your corner of the living room looks just like mine!!! I've got startitis BAD right now as I've got the knitting/crochet bug again - so I have a shawl, a baby jacket, two pairs of socks and a crochet baby blanket and hexagon blanket on the go.
Of course, I don't actually want to do any of them - nope, I want to knit a hat...of course :)
Glad you had a lovely holiday and managed to knit on the plane!

Sarah Knits said...

That looks really tidy to me! My very own 'Mr stressy' would love to live with you I think - we always have bits of knitting everywhere, plus bits of beading and bits of paper!

Kitty said...

Love that sock - such lovely colours. And your knitting corner looks lovely - I like the way you use gift bags, good idea! x

silverpebble said...

Why did BA say that Rhiannon couldn't knit? Is a knitting needle seen as a lethal weapon?

Gorgeous autumnal colours in that sock Mrs SB! Loving the look of little bunny egg too.