Friday, September 25, 2009

Thank-you Kitty. x.

Look what postie brought for me today. Very pretty and very delicious goodies! I won a bag on Kitty's blog and oh boy am I glad it was me who won and not one of you. It is absolutely beautiful - I can hardly begin to tell you just quite how beautiful. It's a perfect size, a perfect shape, perfect handles, perfect inside pockets... oh I love my new bag - and not least because there's chocolate inside! But fear not all you dieters, I shall be limiting my intake of this chocolate - 2 squares a night providing I've been good all day. Sadly I don't think I deserve any today - I ate 2 sausages at tea time (along with lots of other 'allowed' stuff). So my penance tonight will be to just look at the divine brown stuff, smell it and not eat any. Torture by any other name.

There has once again been a lack of pudding pictures on this blog, so here's one that you might like to see. I'm unsure of the name of this - it's basically a pastry case filled with apples and cooked in a sauce that looks and tastes just like lemon curd.

It tastes very delicious. Well, I seem to think it does - I held back and didn't have any of this. Mr Stressy ate most of it and the boys had a bit. I settled for a spoon of sugar free jelly!

Hmm. I know which one I would have rather had (and it didn't involve anything remotely sugar free!)


trashalou said...

ooo! lucky you. It is always the best people who win these things;-)

marit said...

Lucky you! Lovely bag.

The cake looks so yummy!

wonderwoman said...

congrats on the lovely pressie - its just gorgeous! and the pud looks bloody good too!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Lovely prize!!!! But how can you bear to cook delicious puddings and then not eat any? I know I cook "normal" food for the children and manage to resist - but I draw the line at making cakes and puds for them!!!

Lucy x

Mary deB said...

You are very good, I must say!

Moogsmum said...

What a lovely prize! So glad you won the chocolate and I didn't ;)

Mmmm...sugar free favourite....not!


Kitty said...

Glad you like the bag Michaela, and you have inspired me. I need to lose a few pounds and have started to be a bit more careful about how many Milky Bars go down my gullet. And biscuits. And crips.

I am also going to try this food combining thingy and see if it'll just shift the few pounds which seem to have settled round my middle!

I'm not entering your contest, just doing it quietly on the sidelines. I'm watching you all though - and full of admiration!