Sunday, February 8, 2009

Red Noses

Vera loved Bartholomew's new nose from the other day. Loved it so much that she begged me to make her one too. And so here they are, both very happy with their new appearances!

This is, of course, all due to the impending Red Nose Day for Comic Relief. (Friday 13th March if you wondered). A day when normal, sensible people get the chance to be very silly and help raise a whole stack of cash for much needed projects in the UK and Africa. And for us who are already slightly silly, we just have to act like we usually do!

So I wondered what I could do. Mrs Locket came up with the idea of making something and raffling it off. Well at least I think that's what you said Lucy?

So my fingers started to get busy. Slaving away over the sewing machine - something that they do not normally do. And here is the result.

This is a fair sized blanket - about 4 foot squarish. It's made using wool and cashmere jumpers that have been felted in the washing machine. And you can win it. Yes you really can! All you have to do is donate something to Comic Relief. I thought this would be much easier than trying to organise the whole raffle thing myself - but it does rely on your honesty. For each pound you give to Comic Relief, I will give you one ticket. But please let me know how much you've donated so I can give you the right number of tickets.

Donate here - and don't forget, if you're a British taxpayer, click the Gift Aid button too.

What do you think? Fancy your chances? Draw to take place on Saturday 14th March.

And then I thought of another thing. I'm throwing the challenge out to you all. How about making something Red Nose related too? I mean, most of you are crafty people and it would be great to see what you all come up with....

If you make something and want it to join in the raffle, just send it along to me. Spread the word. Let's see how much we can amass yes? Involve as many people as possible. Do have a look at the Red Nose Day site. It is very humbling and makes you realise just how lucky we are.


Locket Pocket said...

That blanket is gorgeous!!!!! I think I'm going to put some money in a collection box rather than pay online so I'll let you know how much I give when I do (if that makes sense!)

Lucy xxx

Kitty said...

That blanket is flippin' brilliant. Huge kudos to you for doing it Michaela. We will be doing a red nose thing through school.

Vera looks wonderful - although I'm tempted to offer her some Vicks to rub on her chest. Noses like that usually go with a horrible cold.


Gina said...

Fabulous idea! I will donate but don't know how much so just put me in for one ticket... and I might even come up with an idea to make something too!

Mama said...

I'm in for $25 US!

Don't know that I am inventive enough to create something in time for your draw though.


wonderwoman said...

brilliant idea - count me in - i'll donate £20.


Pink Sky said...

That is the most adorable blanket I have ever seen!!! How cute is that? Brilliant idea. :)

Mrs Moog said...

That's such a good look on Vera - really suits her!

I love the blanket - what a fab idea :-)

I've donated a fiver. Not sure I'll get anything made but I'll try.


Anonymous said...

Hi lovely blanket and great blog. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.

Helen x

Anonymous said...

Ooh, smashing red noses! And a gorgeous gorgeous blanket Mrs!

I followed your link and they had very kindly filled in the £10 box for me, so that's what I donated. So I'd like 10 of your finest (ie winning) tickets please.


Anonymous said...

Love the blanket - visited your blog from Lucy Locket's - I donated £10 to RND just so I had a chance of winning the blanket !

Unknown said...

oooh, super duper gorgeous blanky, I am in LOVE! I found you via Trash's blog, she insists she has the winning ticket...

I donated £20 via the 2 kidlet's schools....and they have to take in a further £1 each does that make £22. I think it does. Hoorah!!!

Sue Krekorian said...

Happy RND. We've donated £12 today, and I'd love to be lucky enough to win your gorgeous blanket. x