Friday, October 12, 2007

Going on a trip

Vera and I are very excited. Tomorrow is my one and only day off in the year. No cooking, washing, ironing, shouting or arguing with children. And no standing at the side of a freezing cold or wet football pitch, valiantly cheering for whichever son's football team is playing.

No. We are going to Alexandra Palace. To the Knitting and Stitching Show. Sadly we will be without our trusty Navigator this year so will have to find our own way. But maybe this time it won't be foggy and we won't end up near Peterborough and we won't be chatting so much that we miss all the sign posts. It was a good round-trip last year wasn't it Kathryn?!

I was supposed to be having an early night tonight, but look at the time will you (nearly midnight). I've been busy getting things ready for tomorrow.
  1. Bag - check
  2. Purse, stuffed full with money - well, sort of check, at least I have my purse, although not very full!
  3. Dinner - check
  4. Water - check
  5. Big bag of chocolate raisins for Vera - check
  6. Camera - check
  7. Phone - check (this is just for effect, being such a technophobe, I've had to pinch son's old phone and have not yet worked out how to turn it on)
  8. Forest Canopy, just in case I get chilly (ha bloody ha, have you ever been to Ally Pally?) - check.

Well that's it folks. Think we're all ready to go. I'll come back with lots of pictures for those of you unlucky enough to be staying at home this weekend.

(Oh, and fingers crossed for England in the Rugby tomorrow. Please don't let us lose to France)


Sussex Yorkie said...

If you remove Forest Canopy an hour before entering you might stand a chance! Its very dangerous and busy.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Hope you have a lovely time Michaela - or had, probably, by the time you read this! Lucy x

picperfic said...

Oooh...I will be there tomorrow, so excited! Hope you have/had fun and I can't wait to see the photos of the show and your new stuff!

yvette said...

Hope you have a fab time, I am very jealous and I REALLY hope the french don't win, we will never be allowed to forget it!!

Monkee Maker said...

Hope you and Vera had a smashing day at the Palace and bagged loads of bargains :)

warrenincolne said...

Did you remember to take Vera? She wasn't on your checklist!

I imagine her sitting in the passenger seat, window down and elbow out...just like Flat Eric.

Did you manage to squirrel your goodies away without hubby finding out?

Working Mom Knits said...'d it go? Did ou find LOST of treasure?

ps: is Flat Eric the same as Flat Stanley?