Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tipsy Tuesday

Just a little picture today as I promised you an update. This is the second sleeve, almost half-finished. I love everything about this, as I think I've mentioned before. It would grow so much quicker if I didn't spend ages after every row petting it. The only thing I'm a bit concerned about is the colour - I'm just not a green person, suit blues and purples far more. Never mind, I have so much Posh Sophia now that I'll be able to knit another one when this is done.

Now look, about these squares for Oliver's blanket. It would appear that I may have slightly underestimated the amount that we'll get. So maybe, hopefully, there might just be enough to make 2 blankets. If this is the case, how about I raffle one and e-bay the other? What do you think? I don't want to upset anyone, but I'm sure that like me, we just all want to raise as much money for Oliver as possible.

I had originally said that the money would go towards a new car seat, but instead it will go towards a new manual wheel-chair. It sounds fantastic - and Oliver has had a hand in the choice of this - it's going to be 'flip-flop blue'. I love the sound of that colour. I want something made from flip-flop blue.

So here's your challenge Dee - how about flip-flop blue Sophia ready for Tipsy number 2?


Anonymous said...

I think the raffle and eBay are a wonderful idea, and wouldn't feel cheated at all, since the original offer was to raffle one blanket. :)

I hope to get to work on my squares soon. :)

warrenincolne said...

I wouldn't waste time fretting, if I were you. I'm sure everyone will be happy for you to make as many blankets as it takes to use up the squares you receive, and to dispose of them in any way which will help Oliver.

Just let us know if you need someone to ply you with tea and coffee during what it sure to be a marathon blanket sewing session. We can even bring cake, if it helps!

Sussex Yorkie said...

For me the squares can be used anyway as long as the outcome is the same. Money!

Working Mom Knits said...

Fantastic ideas - both! I'm running around to family and friends collecting all of their "extra" British Pound Notes - finally, the terrible exchange rate is working in my favor ; )

ps: Have to ask, why the green if you - like Oliver - are a flip-flop blue?

Dee said...

Oho, challenge accepted!!

picperfic said...

I can always come and help you sew up Michaela....I can't eat chocolate though! Flip Flop blue eh? Your fingers need to go into turbo mode o you can get on with the next idea! Ebay sounds a good idea to me too!

Anni said...

I love that green.