Friday, October 19, 2007

Two cakes

It's very difficult when you don't have the foggiest idea what to put on a cake. You don't know the recipient or if they're a laugh or if they're boring. Whether they like the colour green or detest it. All I was told about Frank - apart from his name - is that he likes steam engines, and in particular steam tractors. This is what I came up with - what do you think?

And Malcolm apparently likes going shooting. No idea what the poor guy looks like, but I guessed (I did this once for someone and guessed completely wrong - I gave the model a head full of brown hair when in reality he was bald. Quickly made a small bottle of miracle hair restorer - fortunately he saw the funny side of this!)

These cakes have taken a lot of time although it doesn't really look like it. I've not been to bed before 1am all week, up again at 6.30. As a result, I am now very tired in deed and starting to feel a tad poorly. No lie in tomorrow though, eldest son is going bag-packing in Sainsbury's and has to have a parent with him at all times. Trying to raise money for his football team.

The things you do as a parent eh? Three hours of packing other people's shopping into carriers. Then I have to go and do it for myself, otherwise it's stale bread and cheese again for tea.

Good luck in the rugby tomorrow England. Hold your heads high, whatever the score, you've done us proud (not that any of you will be reading this of course!)


Emma said...

You're extremely talented [and work too hard !]. Those cakes are fantastic. How could they not be thrilled ?

katrynka said...

I love, love, love the steam engine!!
I want one for me! What do you use to make the actual designs?

Working Mom Knits said...

Those are both wonderful!

I have a pic of Dennis sitting on a steam tractor that looks just like yours! We took it at the county fair this past August.

picperfic said...

wow @ both those cakes but especially Malcolm's one, it's so cute...I would have saved my shopping for Sainsbury's had I known you would be there to pack my bags for me! Oh and Michaela, it really is ok to say 'no' sometimes, you really do work far too hard, you need some 'me' time!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Those cakes are amazing! And definitely look like they took loads of time and effort! Try to take a break sometime this weekend - I know the feeling, I worked myself into the ground last week for a last minute craft stall and felt dreadful by the end of it. Lucy x

daisie said...

very clever cakes! the Malcolm one makes me think you would be good at watercolour, very delicate and detailed.
Be careful you dont get overtired and poorly - then where would the cakes, Tipsy, the blanket, your family and your loyal readers be????

Kim in Philly said...

The colors on the steam-engine cake are amazing! The recipients are probably just too wowed to care about anything else. You put in so many wonderful details, no wonder the cakes take so long.

sara said...

These cakes are amazing.
I have at least another 2 squares hopefully more which I will post on Monday.

yvette said...

Fantastic cakes, hope the bag packing wasn't too stressful.

Monkee Maker said...

As ever, gorgeous cakes ..... you know it's MY birthday in November .... hint hint .... and I like monkeys .... ARE YOU GETTING IT YET?? (one more late night won't hurt you, after all!)

Really though .... try and take it easy today. You can start on my cake tomorrow :)

(Happy half-term)

trashalou said...

see, now, I have told you and told you before - being a genius artist and talented philanthropist is very taxing.

Dr. Trash recommends a half term week of chuntering around doing nice stuff ()for yourself.