Monday, October 29, 2007

Pound House vs Horse Chestnut

This is the back of our house. Can you see the big tree with no leaves on? It is dead. It is about as dead as a tree can be. It has been dead for several years now. It is not on our land, but in the field next door to us. We have been asking the farmer to have this very dead tree chopped down for, ooh, about 6 years now. In fact , ever since one of his other dead trees blew down in a gale and squashed our 2 cars. Flat.

Saturday was supposed to be the day that it came down. Then when it didn't come down, it was supposed to be Sunday. Then it was definitely going to be first thing Monday. And look everyone - IT'S STILL HERE!!!

Now I'm not normally a pessimist. In fact I'm never one, but just look at the size of this thing. If it fell over, we would not have a roof - at the very least. Our bedroom would probably be a little draughty too.

We are also a bit concerned that when the tree man comes along with his chain saw, er just what if it falls the wrong way?

So if you don't hear from me for a while, the tree has either

1. Blown down in a sudden gale and squashed the house.
2. Been pecked so much by the wood-peckers that it's fallen down and squashed the house.
3. Become so rotten and fungus infected that it's fallen down and squashed the house.
4. Been incorrectly felled and it's fallen the wrong way and squashed the house.

Keep everything crossed for us please. Pray for a home victory.


Jacqui said...

Hope it falls the other way and doesn't squash the house!

warrenincolne said...

Pound House? Is that like the Pound Shop, in that we can have anything we like for a pound? If so, do let us know when you next have a cake which is overdue for collection!

You'd have to be seriously unlucky for a tree which has stood dead for at least six years to fall down in the next few days. Still, fingers crossed, eh?

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Nice house, not so nice tree! Keeping everything crossed for you! Lucy x

the vicious chicken said...

I sense you're worried about the tree squashing the house. (I'm quite perceptive. It's a gift.) I will keep my fingers crossed for you re: trees and un-squashed houses - I'm sure all will be fine, though :o)

Top Gear was indeed good last night, although I did overcook it a bit by watching 3 or 4 episodes back-to-back on a random channel that was showing a marathon of repeats... and then NBM wanted to watch Long Way Down too! Ewan and Charlie are her "boy heroes" (a direct quote, there). Bless.

kerrie said...

OK, I'll carry on sending you "non squished house" vibes for another few days then. I'm sure it will be OK. Just remember to save Vera, the bunnies and the stash if you have to run for it - OK? Hubby can take care of himself, save the stash first - oh and the boys too of course!! x

picperfic said...

whatever is the farmer thinking of? he is way out of order, doesn't he realise the cost of rebuilding your home? Keep all the correspondence, seems like he needs a kick up the b*m to get him to actually get the job done. Let's hope it comes down soon, the tree, not your home!!

Dee said...

Don't worry, lovey, Tony used to work for a tree surgeon and has felled many trees. Its very rare for anything to go wrong (with the trees, at least!).

Working Mom Knits said...

"C'mon Horse Chestnut Tree! Put up your dukes and let's fight this out!"

Note to Pound House: We've got your back - we know that you'd beat Horse Chestnut any day - and twice on Sunday!

Sending a little American Attitude your way; no need to thank me : )