Tuesday, October 30, 2007

No update

Sorry, but there's no Tipsy update today - progress has been very slow and the second front is too tiny to warrant a picture.

In fact there aren't any pictures today - I hate a blog without something nice to look at, but this post will be short and sweet.

- Thanks for the good vibes about the tree. It still hasn't been chopped down.

- Two days into this half term, and I've not had a shitty day. Yet.

- More squares have arrived at Kerrie's, but I still need lots more. And loads more money for raffle tickets please.

- The moth repellents appear to have done the trick, but they smell so bad I'm throwing them away and replacing them with cedar wood. Which doesn't smell too good either if I'm honest!

- Cake in the oven smells done, so I'm going and will save you reading any more waffle.



Working Mom Knits said...

: )

ps: was holding out on sending your packet so I could include a few treats. Have to go out of town Thursday so I am going to mail it "as is" as I am hoping that the ticket purchase will get the cash flow started - treats coming another day...

yvette said...

Enjoy the rest of your half term, I have one more square and will try to get a few more to you by the end of the week.
Good luck with the tree, I hope its gone soon.

picperfic said...

Let's hope you have more 'clean' days Michaela. Hope you're not going to smell like an old lady every time you open your handbag!

katrynka said...

I LOVE the smell of cedar!!