Thursday, November 1, 2007

Lizard Ridge

Let me introduce you to my 'mindless knitting'. This is what I do at the side of football pitches, in the car on the way to football matches, in the coach on the way to football stadiums (is that stadia I wonder?). I love my little Lizard Ridge - have got lots more balls of Noro in the stash basket just waiting to become bumpy rectangles. Looking around in Blogland, some people have actually made theirs in a matter of weeks. My first rectangle was made about a year ago (Kathryn bought me a ball of Kureyon from her Honeymoon and started me off on the obsessive Noro hunt!). This is such a fun knit and so clever - and very easy too. Anyone else out there making one? Anyone out there got any spare balls of Noro they no longer want but would like to sell/swap? I want this to be a big blanket!

On the subject of blankets, more squares are coming in now for Oliver. Still not enough though, so keep on knitting! I want this one to be big too, well, I actually want 2 big blankets. Greedy you see! Optimistic too. The first one is being raffled before Christmas. This is a very busy time for me (pretty much everyone I think) - especially this year, as on December 3rd, we're having a new kitchen fitted. I'm dreading this as well as looking forward to it. Of all the stupid times to have your kitchen ripped out. (And it gets worse - 2 weeks before that , someone is coming to do a damp course in the kitchen too). The kitchen will take at least a week apparently. Better start trying to clear out some of the cupboards soon. Strange how much rubbish you collect over the years isn't it?

Got any spare bin bags anyone?


heather said...

Hi Michaela

Your Lizard Ridge is lovely. I made a mini one and felted it to make a cushion. When you felt LR you get beautiful sculpted eggs shapes where you do the short-row shaping I discovered !

I do have a few squares for Oliver but I was holding off posting them (along with my cheque for raffle tickets !)until I had a few more. Would you rather have them in dribs and drabs or in one go ?

Monkee Maker said...

Loving your mindless knitting!

And oh, how I don't envy you your kitchen works. Hope it won't put paid to your cake-tastic adventures for too long!

picperfic said...

ooh lizard ridge is gorgeous! love the colours, and isn't it fun to go back to something like this from time to time?