Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I don't understand...

Sorry Kay, but I have tried to get my e-mail address on the side bar, but seem unable to do it. The link button won't work and when I just type in my address, you can't click on it and go straight to me. I have tried before to do this and hit a brick wall every time. As you all know, I am very useless on the computer, I try my best. Is there anybody out there who can tell me how to do this in very simple terms? Please? My e-mail address is in my profile should anyone care to contact me.

It's at times like this that I feel totally stupid and very frustrated. Think I'll just stick to knitting in future, and decorating cakes.

This cake is going to be my last for some time now. The kitchen is being ripped out soon, so I won't even be able to make tea let alone cakes!


kerrie said...

oh no, cameron just saw the cake and told me that it was someone called Iggle Piggle. is he right? Don't worry about the email thing, I have no idea how to put a link in blogger. Why dont you just put under neath the paypal to Emma bit a sentence that says click on my profile to get my email address? PS - how is Tipsy? xx

picperfic said...

I emailed you Michaela...lovely cake, you are so clever! Hope you don't get frustrated by the kitchen refurbish! Still you can always knit while they do their thing.

Emma said...

There's no need for people to e-mail you to be entered in the raffle [or leave messages on your or my blogs !]. Each time someone pays money into Oliver's Fund I get a notification e-mail from paypal. Not too sure how I did it, but I set it up that all e-mails [spam included, sadly] to Oliver's Fund get forwarded to me.
I have been writing to people thanking them, and confirming that their details have been sent to you. See, a well oiled machine !

Beautiful cake, as always. You need a teasmaid !