Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tipsy Monkees

OK, OK, so it's Tipsy Tuesday. But progress has been so very slow (again - Christmas is not looking likely at this rate!) that Tipsy just has a little look in at the back.

But look at this bag! Vera has, of course, adopted it, as it holds an image of her heart throb 007.

It is lined with lovely flowery fabric, has a pocket which once upon a time held some chocolates and is hand-made by the ever talented (and ever so slightly insane) Monkee Maker. It is now my new knitting bag for Lizard Ridge (that's my school and football knitting). Not only do I embarrass my children by knitting at their football matches, I now have a monkee bag to embarrass them in style! It's my turn to supply the half-time oranges this weekend. If they think they're getting oranges with all this monkee business going on, they can think again. It's bananas all the way boys!

More squares have arrived, and more ticket money has arrived too. Many thanks to everyone joining in this project! It's not too late if you still fancy knitting me some 4" squares, or sending me more money for tickets!

What is going on with the blogger spacing lately? Yesterday it wouldn't do double spacing and today it will only do triple spacing. It is so frustrating being a technological pea brain.


picperfic said...

try holding down the shift button when clicking on the line break button. You might get single line breaks.....
Lovely bag, was it a gift or did you make it? Yay! for embarrassing the children! heheh

Monkee Maker said...

What a brilliantly monkee-filled post!!

I'm so pleased you like the bag and I REALLY hope those handles will hold out ..... not saying Vera's heavy, or anthing, natch!

Anonymous said...

What is the knitting on the chair in the background??? (not that I'm especially nosey or anything!) Fran,shewithnoblogwhomustremainanonymous!