Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tipsy Tuesday

Progress at last! Here's a picture of Tipsy so far. The colours all seem to clash a bit here, but in real life, they honestly don't. Perhaps it's the fact that she's laid out on my bright red carpet! I checked the tension at the very start and it was all ok, so I knitted the size that came out as 41". But my Tipsy is now 44" - ooh goody, room to eat a few more chocolates (note to Monkee Maker - made some Hedgehog yesterday and poured melted crunchie chocolate on top. You would like it, but sadly it's all gone. Pigs at our house)
Going back to Tipsy, I am so very glad that I weave all the ends in as I go (she says very smugly!) as there's no way I'd want to tackle this lot. There's got to be at least 5 million of the things!
I think I might use some of the left over yarn to make some squares for Oliver's Second Blanket. Pure Cashmere. Nice and soft. Do you want to win the second blanket? Aspects of cashmere will be in it. If so, pop over to see Emma and donate some money to Oliver's fund. All done with the click of a button. Quick. Easy. Painless.


Working Mom Knits said...

Sending you an aran silk square - and a few $$ today (nice of me to have you go to the bank, eh?).

ps: get on over to Mason Dixon - there's a give-a-way in progress!

kerrie said...

oh tipsy is just so pretty, and she feels so soft and is so lovely in real life. Good for you for making a size that will fit me perfectly. All the better for when I sneak into your house and steal her!

Sussex Yorkie said...

Looks absolutely beautiful, what patience.

Monkee Maker said...

Hey, you're nearly there, aren't you? Top job!

And mmm, yeah, thanks for telling me about the Hedgehog cake .... AFTER IT'S ALL GONE!!! (You knew it's my day off tomorrow and were worried I'd turn up on your doorstep, weren't you??)

yvette said...

Tipsy is so pretty, I have a few more squares, shall I send them to Kerrie?