Thursday, November 8, 2007

Poorly Computer

This blinking machine keeps freezing on me and the only thing I can do is turn it off at the wall which I've heard isn't good for it. So it's proper poorly - must be quick before it goes again!

Squares and money are literally pouring in now - thanks in no uncertain terms to Kay at Mason Dixon. She has volunteered to make an American version of Oliver's blanket. I am in awe - I want to win that one! Sight unseen! Oh to own something by one of the goddesses of knitting. Would anybody mind if I won?

You would? Oh very well then, I'll do a proper draw and won't cheat! I'll let you know at the weekend exactly how it's all going - amount raised and number of squares received. You might even get a picture of the blanket sewn up! If Kerrie and I get a move on


kerrie said...

i feel as though I should start walking around carrying arm fulls of squares now so that I dont leave them behind for Saturday!

Kristy said...

I am so happy Oliver's project is experiencing this boom. I posted about it Wednesday morning and then popped over to see Kay's post. It feels like a brush with greatness. haha. I have two squares I was going to put in the mail to you but I guess I will send them to Kay for the stateside blanket. And I've already bought my 15 raffle tickets - - I'll be happy to win either version! :)

As usual, knitters rock. This is wonderful!

Pink Sky said...

I have 6 squares I was going to mail in, but I think I'll send them to Kay for the stateside blanket instead. Sorry for the lack of updates at my end, I shouldn't have started a blog while moving to a new home! :(

Working Mom Knits said...

Let's make a deal - if I win the American blankie I'll trade you for a TLG birthday* cake - and maybe some chutney too!

* shocks me to think that he will be THREE in January

heather said...

Oh wow ! Now that is a bonus :0) I'd love to win any of the blankets - I'm sure they'll all be gorgeous.

My tiddly contribution of squares is in the post and my tickets are bought (I used Paypal tho' I'm UK based, hope that was okay ) just the waiting now ....... would I get any preferential treatment in the raffle if I pointed out it's really cold up here in Scotland at this time of year ???