Wednesday, November 14, 2007


This is Kerrie's Christmas cake before Cameron fell asleep on it! Many of you may have already seen the 'after' shot! As you can see, even the penguins are knitting squares - please don't stop knitting, we still want more! (Incidentally, I'm having to be super-organised with Christmas cakes this year as we're getting a new kitchen in a few weeks and I won't be able to do anything in there for ages. Stupid time to get your kitchen ripped out. Hopefully I'll manage Christmas dinner.)
Now I need some advice please. I've already had one opinion on this matter, but feel I need a vote, so it's over to you, people in Blogland, I trust your judgement.
A couple of days ago I received a message from Friends Reunited to say that someone had left me a message. This someone is a man who I knew in school, and who I fancied like crazy. Well, no I didn't, but he was the first person ever to send me flowers Interflora (an arrangement of freesias) so I had a soft spot for him shall we say. Anyway, he wants to know what I'm doing now, and as my membership has expired with FR, I have to pay £7.50 for the honour of telling him what a fantastic person I am. So do I reply or do I not reply?
Anybody else ever got back in touch with any long lost friends? Strangely enough, I only ever sent messages to men on FR - and they all replied!


kerrie said...

Hmmm, I say no, leave well alone but then I hate friends reunited for a number of reasons so I'm a bit biased. Love the penguin cake though, I've been forced to hide it so that it survives until Christmas!

picperfic said...

I never renewed my membership once it ran out a few years it feels a bit spammy! How about googling his name to see if he has a website or should you not make contact at all? ;^)

That penguin cake is gorgeous, lucky Kerrie!

Working Mom Knits said...

I've no experience with FR which isn't going to stop me from issuing an opinion :)

My vote - take the compliment that he wonders what's become of you (always feels good to discover that a nice person from the past is remembering you), and leave it at that.

ps: still can't quite figure out how Cameron came to use the cake as a pillow...

yvette said...

One of my male friends from school recently found my email address via a mutual friend. It was lovely to hear from him and to catch up with the last 20 odd years. I am looking forward to meeting him and his family next time I am home.
Do you want to know what he has been up to?

Monkee Maker said...

Michaela, I'm just a tad concerned that you've spelt my name wrong .... it's Kerry - with a Y. And I haven't received my lovely penguin cake yet .... bally Royal Mail!!

Hmmm, Friends Reunited .... that most dangerous of websites ....

Jacqui said...

Yes! No! er ... yes? No! Um ... I say no ... ish ... well ... NO!
But what do I know? :o)

warrenincolne said...

A few years ago I had an email, totally out of the blue, from someone who'd had a small (read "huge") crush on me at school...fourteen years earlier! Being a typical bloke, I'd never had a clue.

Of course, she's married now.

To me :o)

And we have a lovely baby daughter.

Thank you, Kathryn, for your patient stalking.

Mad about Craft said...

I recently contacted a boy through FR who was my partner at the school leaving dance. This boy was considered a geek by everyone but the last laugh was is on him as he is now a London lawyer. It was lovely to hear from him, he replied to my e-mail. So I would say go for it.