Monday, November 5, 2007

Two more cakes

This one is for our school caretaker who retired last week. (I don't know what she's going to do with it as she's diabetic and doesn't eat cake, it was cut at the party but not sliced, so nobody got to eat any!)

And this one is for a friend's dad who apparently likes computers, making model aeroplanes and model boats.
The squares are now arriving thick and fast for the blanket - thank-you all!
Just a quick reminder about the finer points-
- 4" square in knit or crochet using sock-weight yarn
- any colour, any pattern
- deadline for squares is at the end of november though if you're a bit late, never mind
- send completed squares to address on the side bar
- raffle tickets are £1 each - cheques made out to Emma Magnago-Prime or paypal to Oliver's fund using Emma's blog
- ends woven in or left loose - I don't mind either way.
It's looking good so far. You will want this, I know you will!
Oh, and by the way, the tree is still not down, we have yet another date though of this Saturday at 9am.


Monkee Maker said...

Ok .... just for your information .... I like monkeys, chocolate and wine (not necessarily in that order).... just so you know what to put on my FABULOUS cake :)

Would you like me to come round with RGH's chain-saw to solve that pesky tree problem?

And thanks so much for the positive feedback on the bag .... guess you're not saving it til christmas then ....

kerrie said...

Do you want me to come and give that tree a good talking to at the weekend?

Squares all over the place here, Fran sent over 14 in one envelope so the size of the blanket we'll be making at the weekend looks to be HUGE. I keep looking at all the squares and trying to work out how to lay them out, it keeps me entertained for hours.

Anonymous said...

Fran says....and I sent a little surprise for Michaela too....doesn't sound like you'll have ANY time at all to use it just at the moment though...

Have you ever made a knitting cake?

Fran x (I don't have a google blog (or any other blog!) so I am only allowed to be anonymous...)

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Those cakes are incredible! Strange to cut it and not eat it at the party! Weird!

Good luck with the tree by the way.

Lucy x

Working Mom Knits said...

That is so funny that you mention the tree - I was just wondering about that last night.

did you see my email re squares and money?


ps: 6am and I'm up baking an apple crisp - guess we all deal with the time change in our own quirky ways
: )

kerrie said...

I forgot about the little surprise for Michaela - it is lovely! I wont give it to her until she has sewn up the squares at the weekend though!