Friday, November 30, 2007

Another cake

This really is the last cake before Christmas! No, I really mean it this time! I had a 'spare' Christmas Cake ready to be iced, so thought I ought to get it done. But as it was spare, I didn't know quite what to do with it. Naturally I would have sent it to you Clara, but with the post being what it is, I just didn't trust it. And then I thought of you, Monkee Maker but then saw the dreadful cruelty that seems to be going on at your house lately and thought again.

Eventually after much thought I have decided to take it to school (where I work for those of you who haven't read my profile) and offer it as a raffle prize. My work colleagues haven't been very forthcoming as regards the blanket raffles, so let's see what cake will do for them. The response was pretty good when I casually mentioned my idea earlier on today (oops, yesterday - it's now half past midnight).

So we shall see shan't we.

The American Blanket is coming along very well. Kay now has over 500 squares! Good luck sewing them all up! I can't wait to see it - it will be huge. Our Blanket Number 1 had 150 squares in and seemed big enough to me, but this one will keep lots of people snuggly warm! Oh how I wish it was heading my way! For your chance to win any of the blankets, go to Emma's blog and donate on Oliver's Fund.


Working Mom Knits said...

Oh! It is delightful!!!

And - don't faint when you read this - I don't mind at all that it is not going to be mine; Oliver and his Flip Flop Blue wheelchair are much, much more deserving.

The folks at your school are a lucky bunch indeed. Best make sure they dig deep into those pockets : )

Gigibird said...

did you receive my last email?
I need your address - :)

Merry said...

Gosh! Don't those squares for the American blanket look neat and colourful!!
That cake looks great. Back to the knitting. All the Best. Merry

Lynette Anderson said...

What an amazing cake, wish i could get a ticket in the raffle but I think I live to far away for those so cute penguins to arrive in one piece!

kelli ann said...

how do you make such delightful cakes, michaela? they look so intricate - but i guess you find them dead easy - i must be something like a non-knitter looking at a cable pattern i guess!! lovely.