Sunday, November 11, 2007


After much speculation, Saturday was THE DAY! This is a picture of the tree strapped up ready to be felled. That's our house - our bedroom being the top right window.

Here's the very nice tree man with his very big saw (he actually had about 6 very big saws!). We all got very nervous at one stage when the straps pinged and the tree wobbled the wrong way, but we need not have worried. The very nice man knew his stuff and it fell exactly where he predicted. Big sigh of relief all round!

It was actually quite sad to see it go. It must have been very old and it seemed such an undignified way to go. But it was dead. Very.

Thank-you very nice tree man with the very big saw. You were wonderful!

Soon after all this excitement, Kerrie came round to help sew up the first blanket. Note that I say 'First Blanket' - I'm planning on doing at least one more, so please keep on knitting squares for me. The deadline remains as the end of November, but you can still buy raffle tickets a week after this. So far we have sold over 250 tickets, great news, but more would be nice. Will post pictures of the blanket tomorrow when Kerrie sends them to me - she's very kindly offered to back it and crochet a border. I'm very eager to see it, so hurry up Kerrie, get the little hook working fast!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Huge congratulations on the tree! You must be so relieved. Lucy x

Denise said...

Whew... glad it fell the 'right' way. It's a shame it's a dead tree, the branches looked wonderful on it, I thought at first it had just shed it's leaves cos it was autumn.
I know you're relieved though.

kerrie said...

pics of it so far on my blog and emailed to you. It was backed yesterday and I started the border this morning.

picperfic said...

the blanket looks great...over on kerrie's blog! Glad the tree fell in the right direction, must be a great relief to you!

gade said...

The tree is very huge, it must be a tough job for the tree man. The blanket is very beautiful, nice to hear that many raffle tickets have been sold.