Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tipsy Wednesday?

I've had a few enquiries as to the progress of Tipsy. Well here she is. This is the back and I'm now beginning to regret saying that on Christmas Day I would be wearing her. I've worked it out roughly, and I'll need to complete at least one band every day to stand even the remotest chance of finishing. That's on average 10 rows, equivalent to 1,500 ish stitches. I'm not sure if it sounds better or worse like that!

But I'll keep plodding along, grasping every chance I can to knit a stitch! I am a painfully slow knitter!

I am also beginning to realise that I ordered way too much cashmere. WAY too much! There's going to be nearly enough yarn left to knit another Tipsy. Not that I'll do that. Got any ideas what I can do with the 'leftovers'?

And on the subject of ideas, I need help please. One of our members at Knitting Club has now completed her first scarf - it's pale pink. long and is just garter stitch. Very good job she's made of it too! But she's now itching to get her teeth into a proper pattern. She likes the look of my cable and bobble scarf from Debbie Bliss, but I'm not sure if she's quite ready for the 12 row pattern repeat. Got any ideas for something simple, that a very keen 7 year old girl could follow? I had wondered about a feather and fan type scarf that would only involve 4 rows of pattern. Help? Kathryn? Anyone?

Oh and I forgot to say - I'm well on my way to emptying the kitchen cupboards as you can see from the picture. It doesn't always look like Old Mother Hubbard's place!

Some more squares have arrived today. And 3 rectangles! Don't worry, they'll be nipped and tucked and made into 4" squares very soon (just fold over an inch or so!) Kerrie has more squares over at the shop but we still need more, so please keep them coming. Officially you have only 9 days left to get them sent, but if you're a bit late, then I don't mind. I'll be sewing up blanket number 2 over the Christmas Holidays. Because Tipsy WILL be finished by then won't it?

And good news on the raffle ticket front - we have sold over 450 tickets so far. If you would like to buy some tickets, they are £1 or $2US each. Either cash or cheque (payable to Emma Magnago-Prime) or Paypal on Emma's blog . Many thanks to everyone who is joining in with this


Merry said...

Hya. I have just found this by accident. I googled knitted squares as I have lots of odd dk wool I'd like to make good use of. I see that 4" squares are the norm. What size needles? On one of the pics I see you knit from corner to corner. Are you willing to share your pattern for them? All the Best. Merry

picperfic said...

Go Tipsy!! You can always knit a blanket with the leftovers??? lol I did wonder whether you had enough yarn when you kept showing us. I need to feel this yarn, I might need to over order some too!

Michaela said...

Dear Merry - the corner to corner pattern is quite simple apparently (I've never made one that way yet!). Cast on 3 stitches, increase at the start of every row until the sides measure 4" then decrease one stitch at the start of every row. Any size needle will be fine so I'm told. Good luck!

Jacqui said...

I have another 6 squares to post out to you soon. I want to blog them first because A I hope some people might take the hint and buy some more tickets :o) and b) because they are ... er ... not very square ... and rather amusing (I hope) - I'll try to get the photos if we have sun tomorrow *rolls eyes* then I can post friday.

Working Mom Knits said...

Hello friend : )

I've two squares that are...a bit...on the small side as I'd mislaid the ruler and had to guess.

Presently thrashing around looking for a project that I can stay with (it's been a bit distracting around here at the moment - oh, and we've been knee-deep in Brits!) and squares may just fit the bill. No worries - I've re-discovered my ruler = your squares will be square.


ps: how about a basket weave pattern or my-so-called scarf patterns for your friend? If I'm to be trusted you can tell her that they will make her feel like a CHAMPION KNITTER!

Working Mom Knits said...
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sara said...

Glad that the money seems to be rolling in now. I think that you are making a brilliant effort. The squares all look lovely.

kelli ann said...

lovely!! what wonderful news:: 450 tickets!! fantastic-- best luck with sewing-up & etc.

julie said...

Good to see Tipsy coming along so beautifully. I really have to admire your determination to get it done. It will be awesome and I will be utterly envious when it is done but right now I don't envy you all those stitches! Hopefully with a cold weekend approaching you'll have lots of time to snuggle up and get plenty more stitches under your belt! Love your Iggle Piggle cake in the last post.

Minty Fresh said...

I recomment Irish Hiking Scarf from Hello Yarn for your newer knitter:
This is the scarf that I learned to cable on. I think it would be challenging but do-able once cables are learned. Good luck!

daisie said...

i am starting my third Midwest Moonlight scarf. I love the pattern, it is interesting enough to be absorbing but not too complicated: two different rows for a while then two other different rows then back to the beginning if that makes sense. It is on ravelry - you can get it via my projects if you have any trouble, not that it is my pattern.

It is a bit of a relief that you arent using all your cashmere, it did look like a major investment!

I am posting this from Sweden by the way - isnt the internet wonderful!

Judy said...

I have 17 finished squares for you which will be in the post tomorrow plus some money for tickets.