Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tipsy Birthdays

Well here she is then - progress on Tipsy is not as good as I hoped. I have pulled it back so many times - just a few rows at a time you understand (mind you, 20 rows of fair isle is heart-breaking to pull back!) The colour combinations have not been going well, and I know some people may still not agree with my choices (sorry Dee, the red and green combo just had to stay - I love it!) But if you don't like it, never mind, I do! I took this picture outside to try and get a good likeness of colours, but it really hasn't come out all that well. When it's all done, I'll try and get Marianne to take a reasonable one of it. Her photos are fantastic - go and check out her slide show from Ally Pally. And look for that one of the tree with the light shining through the leaves...
Happy Birthday today to my dad. He's coming over tomorrow along with mum - the boys have requested a big chocolate cake for him, so we bought lots of chocolatey things to go on top. Sadly we couldn't resist the temptation and have been eating them already. Oops, don't worry dad we'll get some more!
Don't ask me anymore about the price of the qiviut. I'm still reeling with the shock of it all. Suffice to say that I could have bought quite a lot of Posh Yarn Cashmere for the same price. Guilt. guilt, guilt. (But it really is very nice!)
News tomorrow on the squares (or rather lack of them) for Oliver's blanket. Come on everyone, get those needles clicking!


Working Mom Knits said...

Loving Tipsey!

ps re the qiviut: I'm standing in yarny solidarity with you, my friend : )

And, really it was a bargin at only $.44USD/yard (depending on the yardage).

Abi said...

3 slow little squares coming to you via Kerrie - will be posted in the morning. Bet the qiviut is lovely!

Dee said...

Aww, I think she's pretty. And will send my two finished squares tomorrow too.

picperfic said...

I think the postal strike has slowed down the squares, I have four here for you...Kerrie said something about a sew-in?? I'm up for it! Oh and thank you for the link to my blog, you honey! x you deserve the quiviut, you've been pee-ed on enough times to justify it!

Jayne said...

I think Tipsy looks amazing and I'm envious of your stamina at the end of a day of work/ child-rearing/ baking. I'll go and get my 3.75's and my sock yarn NOW - I've been procrastinating.

yvette said...

Its very pretty, I sent my 3 squares yesterday,(to Kerrie, make sure she shares the chocolate,lol) there would have been 5 but my youngest stole 2 to make his monkey a blanket. (he doesn't have a monkey yet, he thinks he is getting one for xmas!!)