Wednesday, February 13, 2008

28 Jars

From left, caramelised orange, lemon and grapefruit; ordinary orange lemon and grapefruit; clementine; lemon and lime; tomato chutney.

It's been foggy all day today again (still got wet washing everywhere). So what to do when it's horrid outside? Make more marmalade! I love making the stuff, so relaxing! The only problem is finding somewhere to put it all now. I also made some tomato chutney with a punch (lots of cayenne pepper. Lots.) I am determined to make more presents this year so it looks like everyone will be having marmalade or chutney!

All the squares are now done for Lizard Ridge so I got the boys to help decide on how to lay them out. They had lots of ideas and spent quite a while rearranging them. Strange how even such a simple thing can get them arguing ('My way's better than your way'. 'Isn't'. 'Is'. 'Shut up you'. 'No you shut up'. 'Gonna make me?' 'ARGHHHH') You know how it is?

Nearly there.
Pretty poor picture - as ever - but I think this is the final choice. I think so anyway.


Lesley said...

All those jars of loveliness make me want to get preserving again! I've never made marmalade so maybe I should give it a go.

Lizard ridge is looking gorgeous!! So pleased mine aren't the only two to disagree :)


Anonymous said...

ooooh, you are the queen of the blankets, lizard ridge looks fab - I love it. x kerrie