Sunday, February 17, 2008

Day trip

Friday was a very exciting day for us - we went on a day trip to Wembley. The best football stadium in the whole wide world apparently (according to our tour guide!) And it was pretty amazing. It has to be said though, that it would have been even more amazing had there been somewhere for us all to eat our packed lunches. Not allowed to eat on the coach, or inside the stadium, so we had to make do with standing up in the sub-zero temperatures, in the howling wind and nibble at our frozen sarnies. Not a great start to a tour for 6o small children (and one small monkee). And another thing, why, when you pride yourself on there being thousands of toilets, Mr Wembley, did you only supply us with 2?

I'm not too good with heights, but Vera was in her element wanting to swing from the rafters. Only there weren't any rafters, another thing which Wembley prides itself on. The roof is held up by the arch.

Poor old Vera, not only couldn't she swing from on high, she wasn't even allowed to play a game of football on the grass.

Ah, but she did get to sit with the FA Cup. The most prestigious cup in the UK, the one every British Club wants to hold up high. She's thinking of putting together a team with 007 as Captain. Any other Monkee Volunteers want to join in? And how about a fitting name?

(Just to dig a little bit here - any Arsenal fans out there? We're Manchester United fans here. Bad luck people. We were just so much better on the day!)


Monkee Maker said...

Ooh - and what a dig! The Gunners were rubbish, it has to be said .... RGH was sobbing into his beer last night ....

But hey-ho, it was FAB to see Vera at Wembley!! And to see her sitting next to the F A CUP?! Brill!

.... although obviously I think it's scandalous that there was nowhere to eat your lunch. And only TWO monkee loos?? What's that all about??!


trashalou said...

Vera and the F.A. cup. Surely that is the title to a mystery book?

I have limited knowledge of this thing you call football (it's soccer where I come from) but a Monkey team fronted by 007 with Vera and undoubtedly Ruby, Rooney and all the others in the Monkee Army out there would be more than match for the Gunners, Villa, Man. U or any other football team I an randomly pull from the ether.

I'm off now to Ladbrokes to place a bet on a monkee team winning the F.A. cup next year........

Lesley said...

Oh yes please!! Ruby, Rooney and Rocky are up for it!!!!
MMK Utd? (Monkees Made of Knit of course!!).

Wembley? Only two toilets and nowhere to eat lunch? Outrageous!!! I'd be writing to my MP if I were you!!


I feel Trashalou may be onto something with the FA Cup thing - just about anyone can win the FA Cup as Southampton showed only too clearly at the weekend by losing dismally!!!!!