Thursday, February 21, 2008

Busy needles

Sorry it's been so quiet lately but I've been frantically finishing off Lizard Ridge. It's still not done, but I'm going as fast as I can. I'm doing a stripey i-cord border and it seems to be taking forever - not helped by the fact that I'm using single pointed needles, so at the end of each round, I'm having to take the stitches off and swap the needle round. Still, life would be dull if it was all plain sailing eh?

As soon as this is finished, I'll be doing Oliver's Blanket Number 4 and I'm already planning my next knitting project. Finish something off? No. Cast on something new? Yes! Of course - was there ever any doubt? I'm very much thinking it will be the Aleita Shell from this season's Interweave Knits, using my stash of Posh Yarn Camel. So it will be stripey. I like stripes at the moment. Very ordered, neat and tidy. Just like me. (Erm, not quite like me then!)


Working Mom Knits said...

Itis a darned good thing that balnket is GORGEOUS, because I'm here totell you that you have lost your ever-lovin mind! (stripey i-cord on single points?!)

Just sayin.

quinn said...

I want to reach right through my monitor and touch that blanket!!


Emma said...

Lizard Ridge is Fabulous !
I love the edging, but...single points ?!!!
I'd have improvised. Pencils ? Anything ?

picperfic said...

when I do an icord edging, I never use dpns, I simply knit a bit looser and push my left needle through the 3 knitted stitches and slip them onto the left needle ready for knitting again, I can get quite a speed up! It looks absolutely gorgeous, I must get some of that yarn into my stash!

Anonymous said...

Excellent Lizard Ridge!!! Wanna borrow sone DPNs? Before you go BANANAS???? Love the blanket, even covet the blanket...might even try making one myself...but am still on stash diet and project finishing after REALLY, after that...I'm really fighting startitis, especially now I need to make a bunny for a swap...Fran x

kerrie said...

lovin the lizard ridge - that is just gorgeous..