Tuesday, February 12, 2008

No pictures today

Boring post because I haven't taken any pictures, so to keep your attention, I'll be quick.
  1. Lizard Ridge is almost nearly done, just the sewing up and the i-cord edging to do.
  2. I've lost 4 pounds in the 2 weeks (remember that competition?) so roll up Jacqui and Monkee Maker to collect your prize. Edible or non-edible cake or something to knit with?
  3. Cheesed off I've only lost 4 lbs, I was very hopeful when reading some of your guesstimates! But at least I haven't put it on I suppose.
  4. Made 17 jars of marmalade today.
  5. It's been foggy nearly all day and the weather man said it would be lovely so I did all my washing and it's still not dry. I have wet stuff hanging everywhere.
  6. Still haven't bought any yarn.
  7. Still haven't eaten any chocolate.
  8. Finished a scarf using mad curly wool Emma sent. Yes, you read that one right. Finished!!
  9. Going to cut up loads of felted jumpers tomorrow for a project in school.
  10. Planning on making loads of chutney tomorrow as well. So watch out for the boiling vinegar smells!

There we go. Thank-you for paying attention. Off you go and read someone else's blog now. Bound to be much more interesting than this one was. If you need a bit of a laugh, go see Monkee Maker's video of her raffle draw. It is hilarious - should win the Bafta for the best short film.


Anonymous said...

how much marmalade???? Good grief woman, you have been super busy. Show us the curly whirly scarf. xx kerrie

picperfic said...

well done on losing 4lbs! I should be in bed it's very late here but I keep on looking at blogs! Did you make the marmalade from scratch? YOu are so talented!

Monkee Maker said...

Hurrah for 4 lbs!! Well done you! That's brilliant, isn't it? I can't believe you haven't eaten ANY chocolate - surely that impossible, or illegal, or something?!

And I REALLY can't believe you've posted a link to that god-awful video - must you??

I shall post your magic muffin/mushroom off today and I'll let you decide what you send me back for my winnings in return.

Many thanks (apart from for that link)


Jacqui said...

is that me? Wish I'd lost 4lbs *rolls eyes* well done you!

oh dear choices? I am very indecisive you know. Er something woolly? would be nice :o) but cake is good too *blushes* :o) and as I haven't done anything to deserve it you'd better decide for me. email me at jam_mam AT blueyonder DOT com

Working Mom Knits said...

MM has asked me to let you know that her prize should be posted to my address. Really. She did.

ps: re the fiber thing - I really wanted to knit a little throw rug but don't have enough of anything that I'm willing to let ppl walk on. And well, the yarn that I do have enough of, I'm too much of a snob to use! (it was purchase before I knew any better.)

Judy said...

Well done on your weight loss! I have been working hard on losing weight for a month now and have only lost 2 pounds! Love the lizard ridge. Judy