Saturday, February 9, 2008

Look what Postie brought...

Normally on a Saturday, Postie brings us junk mail and bills. But not today. Today I love my Postie!
First of all he gave me a big package from Nathalie over at Stash Yarns. Nathalie - you may remember is the lady of whom we are all jealous - she won the pink blanket (which incidentally is now known as Elisabeth's Blanket in memory of her daughter). She has very generously donated a raffle prize - 2 skeins of this wonderful yarn - Hand Maiden Camelspin. Now call me a heathen, but I had never heard of this. And now I have seen and felt this, I want it so very badly. It is so soft, so very, very soft and the colours are just beautiful.
Thank-you Nathalie, it shall be won tomorrow along with the American Blanket and the Autumn Blanket. Believe me everyone, you really, really want this!
In Nathalie's package was also some lovely yarn for Emma (not showing you that one, it will have to be a surprise Emma!) and this great Hand Maiden sock yarn for me. Such me colours! But then all colours are me colours!
And in the second package was this other present for me - this is from Emma herself. Just look at it would you? Me colours yet again! I am so excited, going to cast on with this tonight I think! It came with a pattern for a hat and scarf - but I think I'll just make a bigger scarf. I love big scarves. I love pink and purple.

Oh how lucky am I? Thank-you ladies so very much!

See, Warren, all this new yarn and still I haven't bought any! And I keep forgetting to show you all the ball of Noro that Warren's wife Kathryn sent me last week! It's already been turned into a Lizard Ridge square.

I love Postie. I love knitters. And the sun is shining again!


Anonymous said...

oh lovely post. Our postman hasn't bought us anything at all since Tuesday. That's slightly odd don't you think? Such a sad story about Nathalie's daughter, I had no idea. What a lovely way to name the blanket in her memory. Suddenly I think that she might be a better benificiary of it than I would have been. x kerrie

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I love the Postie today too! Great to see all your goodies! Lucy x

Anonymous said...

Your blog is smiling today - lots of goodies and you have wonderful friendsé I must admit I would gladly exchange my postie with yours ;)

Lise R.